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Afternoon Game Thread

Indiana vs Wake Forest and Michigan vs Penn State

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, just got back from surfing. Early games were crazy. I recorded the Wisconsin/Michigan State game, thank goodness. What in the hell happened to Sparty? The worst result of that game is we now have to put up with Speth. For  a week. You guys don't just don't know how bad a righteous speth is. Drunk texting is an art form in Wisconsin and Speth has a Ph.D.

And Iowa? That's just crazy. I swear, Iowa is regressing. How does Howard out-compete you guys against Rutgers? I think Iowa is in danger of being closer to the bottom of the west than the top at the end of the season. Certainly, their play against rutger today wasn't the Iowa of last year.

So, is that the result of Kirk's buyout? Or is it just Old Kirk making a big comeback?

Good Luck Indiana. Get fucked Michigan. Go Penn State.

Your Friend,