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Week 4: Big Ten Football Stock Report

There isn’t a whole lot of stock up after this week.

University of Michigan v University of Central Florida Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

What a rough week for college football. I mean, outside of the Big Ten Les Miles and Ron Turner became the first coaching casualties of the season but inside of the Big Ten we turned in a bunch more questions than answers. Here is a look at each team’s stock going into Week 5:

Stock Up

Wisconsin Badgers - There isn’t much more to say than the win over Michigan State was impressive while at the same time Notre Dame lost to DUKE, giving even more validation that the Spartans week 3 victory wasn’t as great as it appeared. You couldn’t get much more B1G than Wisconsin did on Saturday: 41 rushes vs 26 passes, crushed an 8 Minute drive on their first possession for a score and then Paul Chryst made some ballsy calls going for it on fourth down twice as he put it all out to beat MSU. It doesn’t get any easier next week, Next up: at Michigan.

Michigan Wolverines - Is this stock up for Michigan or more a reflection of Penn State’s stock down? Michigan flattened Penn State on Saturday as they eliminated every player from contributions other than Saqupon Barkley’s 126 all purpose yards. At one point Michigan reportedly ran the same play eight times in a row and demoralizing the Penn State defense in the process. Next up: Wisconsin for a top 10 showdown.

Stock Holding

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Another week goes by and it's another week I have no idea what to make of Minnesota. Can you please play somebody that’s at least somewhat good so we know what to make of you? Next up: at Penn State.

Purdue Boilermakers - You won, which is good. You also played Nevada so the win should be expected. There was some good that came out of this game: You went into the fourth quarter with a 3 point lead and didn’t blow it, which is not something under Hazell that you’re good at doing. Next up: at Maryland.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - This game had an Iowa/Rutgers feel to it at half with a 3 point ball game and early turnovers causing trouble but thankfully by the end of the 3rd quarter you had made it an 11 point game and ultimately the final score of 24-13. Tommy Armstrong Jr continues to be fun to watch and you appear to be the only threat to Wisconsin in the Big Ten West. Next up: Illinois.

Stock Down

Iowa Hawkeyes - I’m surprised this happened but I get the feeling most Iowa fans aren’t that surprised. I’ve heard such things as “old Kirk” being thrown out there to describe this game but I’m not sure there is something to describe it other than LOLawful. Only 14 points against RUTGERS? A Rutgers team that gave up 21 in a quarter to New Mexico? 14 points in a half to Howard? This offense needs some work. Next up: Northwestern.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - This is hard because on the one hand you just lost a 7 point game to Iowa, but on the other hand you just lost a 14-7 game to Iowa and showed absolutely zero offense and lost Jenarrion Grant for the season. Without Grant I fear this may be an 0-9 schedule in the Big Ten. Next up: Ohio State. Yep, y’all should just start drinking now.

Michigan State Spartans - I’m not sure what’s going on in East Lansing but after Notre Dame’s loss to Duke and subsequent firing of their defensive coordinator the two wins you have don’t look that impressive. A struggle against Furman and beating of 1-3 Notre Dame is pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ worthy. Add in a 30-6 drubbing at home against Wisconsin? Starting to look pretty mortal over there after the last three years. Tyler O’Conner better discover that second read soon. Next up: at Indiana.

Indiana Hoosiers - WAKE FOREST? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Get that turnover situation in check or otherwise a struggling MSU won’t have any issues tuning up. Next up: Michigan State.

Penn State Nittany Lions - ...It’s gonna be a long season guys. At some point you may finally call for Franklin’s head as you also simultaneously tell yourself it’s going to be ok, injuries and youth are killing you. When it happens again next year, you’ll REALLY start to question it. You’re next game is going to tell you how this season is going to go. Next up: Minnesota.

Northwestern Wildcats - I feel like this is going to be a ritual this year. The defense is doing enough, albeit not what it was last year, but this offense needs to get some production going. Justin Jackson is a solid talent but until the passing game poses any sort of threat this train isn’t going anywhere. Next up: at Iowa

Byes: Maryland Terrapins, Illinois Fighting Illini, Ohio State Buckeyes