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Mailbag Question Request: Whelp...that happened.

Just shoot me already.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

I'm so depressed, I make the robot from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy look like an extrovert. You people are probably happy, except for the Illinois fans, the Iowa fans, the Rutgers fan, the Spartan fans, and the Indiana fans. And the Northwestern "fans" have their butlers to console them.

For a diehard Penn State fan like yours truly, this season sucks already. I spend half my time putting up with your shit about Joe Paterno. The other half my time listening to you bitch about James Franklin. Here's a news flash...he ain't getting fired this year. He could pants Kirk Ferentz at the 50 yard line and he still won't get fired.

Now I have to listen to you football savants tell me that my defense is bad. No shit sherlock. I love the quote from some kid on the Michigan team..."We ran the same play eight times in a row...hurr durr."

Well of course you did, you jackass. You were knocking out 8 yards per attempt. Only an idiot would stop doing that. And no, college freshman can't stop that Michigan offense.

Now get off my lawn.

Your Friend,