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LSU Tigers vs. Wisconsin Badgers Game Recap

Let’s get right down to business so I get back to the bars to drink some more...

A Comprehensive List of Everyone and Everything That Can Get Fucked

Bonus points if you/it fall into multiple categories

  • The Southeastern Conference
  • ESPN
  • Lee Corso
  • All you clowns that wanted LSU to blow us out and contribute to #TheNarrative
  • #TheNarrative
  • Josh Boutte for the cheapest hit I’ve seen in a long time
  • Tre’Davious White for singlehandedly keeping LSU from getting blown the fuck out
  • Alabama for not giving us a return game up north
  • All you turds proclaiming Wisconsin was going to lose at least 6 games
  • Minnesota and Nebraska fans for all their intimate advice on how a 5-7 team can make a bowl
  • The Associated Press and Coaches Poll for barely making Wisconsin an afterthought
  • Iowa

Honorable Mention: The Big Ten Conference for making sure Wisconsin still plays three more top 12 teams in its next 5 games

Game Recap

LOL jk too drunk to hash this out. Instead you’re going to get a taste of “What Was Speth Thinking?” presented in meme/gif form.

1st Quarter

Second Quarter

After Clement’s TD

After LSU scored twice in 67 seconds

desk flip

After Gaglianone hit his 3rd of the day

When Brandon Harris threw a Stave like INT to ice it

And with Wisconsin winning and the SEC generally looking like dogshit (Bama taking USC out back notwithstanding), I leave you with this...