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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

As the legendary rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony once noticed, "It's the first of the month." At least it will be on Saturday, when we will be watching football spread out amongst this great nation.

I'll be at a Lincoln Park bar, probably the infamous Gamekeepers drinking daisy cutter or stuff like that.

I'll be making the trip to Ann Arbor this weekend to watch the Wolverines play host to Wisconsin. I'll be interested to see how Michigan handles the Badgers' top-notch linebacker unit - and will do my best to get to Founders (in Grand Rapids) before returning to Los Angeles.

Insert Name
I'll be in Danforth, IL for a weekend at the farm. Will watch the battle for the Victory Bell with whatever beers are in the fridge.

Graham Filler
Couch. Strong couch program. That 330pm time slot is calling my name. There is nary a beer in the house, but I do enjoy a relaxed Bushmills or Conemara single malt for an afternoon time...

I'll be at a local watering hole consuming Cherry Pepsi while watching some good college football games, and glancing at the Purdue Maryland game every once in a while to see how bad it is.

Andrew Kraszewski
Fall weather means it's that time again: Apple pie and sweet potato soup and a weekend of FOOTBAW at home in Detroit. The ladyfriend CANNOT WAIT

C4B At home, watching whatever football seems interesting before the Battle for Old Brassy. Then, either diligently pretending football doesn't exist or hoping and praying that we finally upset a Big Ten team in football. Expect both Vanilla and Cherry Coke to be consumed if it's the latter.

Thomas Speth
Well I'll be at work doing pointless not fun bar manager stuff Saturday morning/afternoon. Hopefully I'm not too hungover and can be in early enough to have it done before the game. Either way I'll be in Oshkosh, and there will be plenty of PBR to consume.

Creighton M
I'll be back at home to watch football on my couch after a wacky weekend in New York and New Jersey last week. It's been raining here for the last few days, and the weather has put me in the mood for a stout or porter of some type, so I think I'll be enjoying a few Old Rasputins I have tucked away in my pantry. Lord knows I'll need them to get through the Iowa-Northwestern game that probably has a final score of 9-7.

I'm still in Hokie country. This weekend, I'll be catching up on some serious grading and studying for an exam.... Woo. This game will be either a really fun, "cool, we did things against Ohio State! or [tears]. MOAR ALCOHOL.

I am at a wedding for the second consecutive weekend. This one is in Eau Claire, wisconsin, and it's my high school best friend who introduced me to Ms. MNW, so it's pretty special. It's a Friday wedding though, so Saturday I'll be recovering with Irish coffee, a bloody or two, and watching them open presents.

In a fun parallel, the last time I was in Eau Claire and Northwestern was a massive underdog at Iowa, I was visiting the bride-to-be as a freshman in college and went to a UWEC game with her.

That was 2009. Here's hoping.

Jesse Collins
Back home! I'll be in Omaha but not sure on where for the game. Hoping to see a Nebraska win but always prepares for the worst.

I'm sure you are drinking something more exciting and at a more impressive location than any of us. So please tell us about it in the comments.