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MAILBAG: Jabrill Peppers, Harbaugh, Arnold, and Tractors


How do I hate wisconsin after their head coach rightly called Peppers the best player in the country? --Eddard Stark of Winterfell

Candystripes: Just allow your team to get blown out by them in a game. That should do the trick.

LPW: What Candy said.

GF3: LOL. Peppers is such overrated shit. This is the height of coach speak.

WSR: How do you hate wisconsin? It should be natural, like breathing.

MNW: I’d recommend meeting one. That usually does the trick.

Stew: I do not actually recommend meeting a Wisconsin fan. I mean, unless you enjoy horrible experiences.

Zuzu: Screw Jabrill Peppers.

Speth: Your tears fuel me guys. He just doesn’t want to give anyone bulletin board material. I mean that doesn’t work well whether you’re a backup QB or a coach.

With this week's potential B1G Championship Preview, will the team to win the first game in the Maryland-Purdue game be at an automatic disadvantage in the rematch? –machphantom

babaoreally: Yes, that is the way it always works. The team that wins the first game always loses the second (close to 50% of the time anyway) because rematches in the same football season are stupid. So Boilers win this one, Turtles win the B1GCG.

Which piece of equipment will be destroyed first by Harbaugh's "enthusiasm" during the wisconsin game? --PrairieDogSharpshooter

GF3: hopefully his booger-hook.

LPW: He’ll probably protest a short measurement by breaking a yardage marker over his legs.

Stew: Headset, Michigan men don’t like headsets.

Speth: Clipboard. Throws it on the field.

How badly did wisconsin get screwed during in the Toledo War and what steps can they take this week to avoid a similar colossal disaster? --Detigers09

WSR: The only group that got screwed in the Toledo War was Ohio, having lost and ended up with Toledo.

MNW: Like I would tell them how to avoid a similar colossal disaster.

Speth: The Yoop not being part of Wisconsin is an outrage. Mostly because I have to listen to Minnesotans and their land of 10,000 lakes bullshit. We already avoided a similar disaster by actually being involved in this dispute.

Which B1G coach would you actually like to see de-pantsed during the postgame handshake by James Franklin? --waw

LPW: Harbaugh.

WSR: If it was Dantonio, do you think we’d see any robot parts?

Zuzu: Isn’t just pantsed? Anyway, Urban Meyer. Simply because he’s so serious all the time.

Speth: Ferentz. Rumor has it he wears golden underwear. He certainly could afford to.

When will the first season of The Apprentice: White House Edition air? --Bagels are for champions

Candystripes: Never.

LPW: Never.

WSR: Never.

Zuzu: Season Premiere, Friday January 20 at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central on FOX.

Speth: More likely to see Shark Tank: White House Edition according to Mark Cuban.

What is the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and why is it Predator? --ajcuster

babaoreally: You misspelled The Running Man.

GF3: Kindergarten Cop. Come at me, bro.

WSR: Last Action Hero.

MNW: Funny, you all seem to have spelled “Twins” wrong.

Stew: It’s either Running Man or the Conan movies.

Zuzu: Screw. All. Of. you. For. Not. Saying. TERMINATOR (1 & 2)


'Tis harvest time in the midwest, who ya got? John Deere or Case IH? --Boilerman31

GF3: Minneapolis-Moline, you rube.

LPW: Someone who didn’t grow up in the Chicago suburbs and currently lives two miles south of Wrigley field should answer this question.

babaoreally: New Holland.

WSR: I learned to drive on an IH (B1G! B1G! B1G!). I’ve always favored them to those green things.

Stew: My family is a long line of International fans. Still have a Farmall M in a barn on the land my family has been farming since coming over from Ireland in the 1860s. At the same time, Deere does pay the bills.

Speth: International all the way.

Who is the most attractive US President in history? --ICEICETHATGUY13

GF3: Teddy Roosevelt

WSR: While in office? Doesn’t that have to default to JFK?

MNW: We’re all definitely forgetting Franklin Pierce. I mean, sure, total fucking slavery-loving douchebag? Yes. But look at that rakish hair and expression. Just look at it. Pure motherfucking sex.

Zuzu: Ulysses S. Grant

Stew: Harry Truman

Speth: Has to be Rutherford B. Hayes. That beard though.