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Week 1: Stock Report

Whose stock is up after Week 1?

Bowling Green v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Week 1 in the Big Ten is done! We had some expected blowouts, some close calls and one upset over the weekend. So whose stock is up and who is falling?

Stock Up

Wisconsin - Wisconsin defied all odds and predictions this weekend and went to Green Bay to take down the #5 LSU Tigers. The Badgers showed up with great defense, controlled the clock and threw their name in to the running for the Big Ten West in a year many expected them to not contend. Next up: Akron.

Indiana - I struggled a bit giving Indiana stock up considering they needed to explode in the 4th quarter to win but I’ll give them a stock up for the unexpected defense they played. If that defense sticks around Indiana shouldn’t have an issue with six wins. Next up: Ball State.

Purdue: Purdue’s offense looked great this weekend as they cruised to a 45-24 win. That defense needs some work though...24 points from EKU isn’t ideal. Next up: Cincinatti.

Maryland: DJ Durkin’s opening weekend couldn’t have went better. Maryland gave up three first down’s the entire first half and thoroughly put Howard away early, going up 35-0 by half. Walt Bell’s offense showed diverse play calling and used five running back’s totaling 325+ rushing yards. Next up: Florida International.

Illinois: Solid job by the fighting Lovie’s to win 52-3. There is actual excitement in Champagne this year for some Illinois football! Next up: #22 North Carolina.

Nebraska: You did what you were supposed to, but your stock is up for that classy act to honor Sam Foltz. There was a ton of dust in the room for that. Next up: Wyoming.

Stock Holding

Ohio State: Sort of by default your stock isn’t going up if you started as the top dog here. You still decided you would outdo yourselves and put up the most total yards an Urban Meyer team has ever put up. Solid job. Next up: Tulsa.

Michigan: Similar to Ohio State, you didn’t have much room to go up by pasting Hawaii. You still put up the most points by a Michigan team since the mid 70’s and I 100% did not expect that many points with a new QB in town. Next up: UCF.

Iowa: Won by a considerable margin but the defense needs a little work considering the opponent. Still, you maintained at least a 21 point lead and went up 21-0 quickly, so perhaps you guys slacked off some. Next up: Iowa State.

Penn State: 16-13 at half is not ideal but shutting out the second half and putting up another 17 in the second half kept you guys from falling. A new offense and new QB may be the culprit so we’ll give it another week. Next up: Pitt.

Stock Down

Northwestern: ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW. That vaunted defense sure stepped up when you needed them! On a serious note, get that defense together so you don’t waste great performances by Justin Jackson. Next up: Illinois State.

Michigan State: Sparty, what exactly were you doing? Furman is not exactly NDSU of FCS. This should have been a pasting and you left us all wondering going into the 4th quarter. That Connor Cook replacement effort looks to still be in progress. Next up: Bye? Bye. Wow, early for that.

Minnesota: All I heard going into this season was that Minnesota should put up 8-9 wins, Minnesota should be good this year, FIRST ROUND PICK MITCH LEIDNER WILL LEAD THE WAY. Welp, not exactly. You made a bottom two Pac 12 team look like they were competent. Next up: Indiana State.

Rutgers: Oh, Rutgers. That was...awful. I mean, Washington is good and all but could you show some life? I knew this year would be a rebuild year with Chris Ash but from everything Rutgers fans have told me, you’d manage at least five wins. If you keep this up, Howard might be your only win. Next up: Howard.