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Mailbag Questions - Week One is in the Books!

It's time for your weekly mailbag questions. I'm sure you have a million for us, so get em in the comments below!

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Ahhh. Like the first cold sip of beer after a long day of mowing hay, that first weekend of college football is fantastic. Seeing our teams debut, some questions are answered and some are created. We, the OTE "Writers" stand ready to relieve your newly minted quandaries...and tell you what you NEED to know about last weekend's games.

Now that my plea for your questions is over, I need to rant a bit.

LSU lineman Josh Boutte committed a classless attack on Wisconsin's D'Cota Dixon. The hit came after Dixon made the game clinching interception. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out. Just type "LSU Cheap Shot" into your google box gizmo. It's everywhere.

Thankfully, Boutte's little tantrum didn't hurt Dixon. But it could have...and badly. This is the kind of bullshit that we don't need in college football. This kid needs to sit. Probably for a while. A multi-game suspension wouldn't be out of line for such a dick move.

I think we'll get a better picture of what kind of coach Les Miles is, in his treatment of Boutte. The kid should be suspended...but he probably won't be. And that sucks.

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P.S.: Put your questions in the comments!