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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking - Week 2

We’ve got a lot of contributors today, so let’s just get to it.

MNWildcat: I will be somewhere deep in the bowels of the forest near Black River Falls for a friend's bachelor party. This will entail approximately 40 dudes at a private cabin on a private lake basically just funneling Busch Light (Hamm's for me) into our bodies all weekend. Oh, and I know approximately 4 of those 40 guys, who are from...a substantially different part of Wisconsin than those I normally frequent. Lots of Trump signs in the yard. Suuuuuper. Here's to cheap and shitty beer!

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be at Ryan Field with some Surly or Revolution Brewing beer.

DJ Carver: I'll be drinking some bulleit rye and playing poker at my neighbors house as I defend my neighborhood poker crown while Maryland takes on FIU on Friday night. The struggle to pay attention to both will be real.

babaoreally: I’ll probably head on down to the local franchise non-BWW wings place to see if Purdue can win two games in a row for the first time in four years. I may have to drink a wild cherry pepsi.

87Townie: I'll be on the beach early, fishing. For the games, I'll have pepperoni bread and some Goose Island beer...flavor TBD. When we beat Pitt, I'll switch to something good, like Zaya rum on the rocks.

Graham Filler: Washington DC, visiting friends, watching Liverpool at the Queen Vic! Week 2 isn't a big game week here in Michigan.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I'm going to start my day in downtown Minneapolis watching Manchester United pummel Manchester Arabia, then head to TCF Bank Stadium to watch Minnesota target a win over Indiana State, then head to my couch to take a content nap. I will drink nearly anything offered to me, which will hopefully include a Bloody Mary or two and a Grain Belt Premium or six.

ZuzuRU: Blacksburg Virginia, probably at my office to catch up on paleontology work that I put off for about a week. Rutgers vs Howard will be on one of my two computer screens. Perhaps I will bring some homemade lemonade to drink while I weep at the fact this is the first home Rutgers game I haven't been to since 2012.

Thumpasaurus: Champaign, Illinois, drinkin' on a case of Motor City Ghettoblaster and slingin' orange and blue shots wherever they'll go down. Then I'll be drinking in what's certain to be the most exciting game day in five years at Memorial Stadium. And then perhaps I'll end up at Destihl, one of the Illinois entries in the beer bracket, after the game. The possibilities are endless. I do still have several Fat Sandwich mugs, so $2.50 Huge Ass Beers are on the table.

Candystripes for Breakfast: Bloomington, Indiana, drinking sodas of various brands between the Cokes that they serve at Memorial Stadium and the Pepsis at one of the likely meal stops on the day, Mother Bear's. As my mom is a Ball State alum, this is one of those games that we kind of have to go to (we also went to the IU vs. Ball State game at Lucas Oil a couple years back). Hopefully, I won't feel the desire for something stronger to drink at any point during the day.

Andrew Kraszewski: Detroit, putting away a multitude of Stroh's new Bohemian.

Jesse Collins: Still in Austin as of right now, but perhaps I’ll take a trip down to San Antonio. Details pending. Regardless, I’ll be grubbing up on some extra moist brisket from Rudy’s and hoping that both Everton AND Nebraska don’t lose games they shouldn’t.

Thomas Speth: I'll be in Oshkosh bartending/drinking as per usual. This time I'll actually get to do multiple touchdown shots. If I don't, there will be multiple "how the fuck do you beat LSU then promptly lose to Akron" shots.

StewMonkey13: In Iowa City for an all day tailgate. I'll be bringing the smoker, and plan on smoking a brisket and bacon explosion.

InsertName: Gonna watch the Gophs from my couch in Lakeview. Probably no beers as I need to give my liver a week off after the Wednesday-Monday Labor Day binge. Gonna make some pulled pork for the game.

Creighton M: As usual I'll be trapped in Charlottesville, but I got something special I've been saving for Hate Week. Last year, Three Notch'd brewing here in town had a limited run (one single batch) beer called Biggie S'mores. It was ok. This year they tried their hand at s'mores stout again, only this time they upped the strength a little bit and aged it in bourbon barrels, and holy Purdue did they nail it this time! Brewed with graham crackers and marshmallow creme, in my fridge right now is the very last bottle of Bourbon Biggie S'mores Vintage 2016 that was ever sold (according to the bartender in the Three Notch'd tap room). I've been waiting for a special occasion to crack it open, and on Saturday I'll drink the only thing in the world more delicious than Cyclone tears.

Creighton M

Well, that’s it for this week folks. Comment with your locations and libations.