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Why the Big Ten deserved to win the national championship.

Sure, whatever. But who’s the REAL national champion?

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, Clemson. We’re very happy for you.

But you’re frauds.

A Big Ten deserved to win this championship, and we know who was supposed to.

Not rutger

Though major props for needing to go through the FCS to win a transitive natty, you fucking joke-ass excuse of a motherfucking football program.

Not Purdue

Better than rutger. Way to go, purdue.

Not Illinois, Indiana, or Maryland


Not Michigan State, Michigan, or Iowa

At least they weren’t shut out!

Not OSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, or wisconsin!

lol remember 31-0
at least u didnt lose another rose bowl jagoffs

Oh shit, sorry. There might’ve been a misunderstanding here.

No, sorry, Penn State would’ve gotten laughably clowned in the natty by either Clemson or ‘Bama. That’s not what we’re doing here. In case that was unclear.

second best in PA = lol how gud were they

No, sir/ma’am, the team in the B1G deserving of a national championship was



We don’t want ‘Bama, but we will take your undying affection as a nice parting gift.