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2017 Purdue Recruiting: Is Help On The Way?

Can Jeff Brohm do something with this little time to turn around the 2017 class?


This will be a recurring feature leading up to National Signing Day where we will preview each teams recruiting class and my completely unbiased opinion of who each team’s best recruit is and who can make an immediate impact. We’ll mostly go in order from worst to first from the 2016 standings. All recruiting statistics are utilizing the 247 composite ratings for schools and recruits.

Where do they stand?

Currently, Purdue has the 66th best recruiting class in the nation, firmly 14th in the Big Ten. Granted, this is partly a huge criticism of why Darrell Hazell was fired in his lack of recruiting but is also a testament to the short amount of time that Jeff Brohm has had a chance to recruit for Purdue an establish those relationships. In that time he has gotten juco talent to buy off on coming to Purdue as well as two Early Enrollees (OT, DE).

Can they improve it? Volume may increase their total composite score but in terms of talent they average out at an 82.07, a firm two points behind the next group of schools in the Big Ten.

How does the class breakdown?

Purdue has recruited heavily on offense in anticipation of replacing the departing seniors. Here is the breakdown:

  • QB: 2
  • WR: 6
  • OL: 4
  • DB: 4
  • DL: 2

The interesting part here is that while anticipating the next graduating class is a good thing, Purdue has a very large senior class next year so the defensive side of the ball in 2018 is going to be full of freshmen in the two deep, if not outright starting. That will be particularly troublesome of Brohm cannot recruit heavily on the transfer market for defensive ends. Here are the recruits via 247 Sports:

Is the talent any good?

It’s decidedly...average. In fact, other than mostly being three stars, it looks like a typical Iowa class full of talent that is expected to redshirt and be coached up to contribute in 2-3 years. That’s awesome...if you aren’t needed for that long. The interior OL situation this year will be particularly interesting as Brohm will most likely have freshmen in the two deep or have backup tackles playing in multiple spots on the two deep.

What do they still need?

This is an easy question to answer when you go 3-9 the prior year. Purdue needs talent upgrades everywhere. In terms of need, finishing the class focusing on DE, LB, and RB would be helpful for future years. Brohm has a tough task ahead of him but it was a known rebuild.

Is anyone going to make an early impact?

A few OL commits could see time early in the two deep if they show the ability to learn the playbook quickly. That isn’t ideal but given what the 247 scholarship chart shows, I’m not sure what other answer they have.

Up next: Michigan State.