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2017 Indiana Recruiting: Can The Hoosiers Turn The Bowls Into Recruiting Success?

Indiana has made a bowl game two years in a row.  Can they turn that into recruiting success?

NCAA Football: Foster Farms Bowl-Indiana vs Utah Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This is a recurring feature leading up to National Signing Day where we will preview each teams recruiting class and who each team’s best recruit is and who can make an immediate impact. We’ll go in order from worst to first based on 2016 standings. All ratings come from the 247 composite rankings.

Where do they stand?

Indiana currently ranks 57th nationally and 13th in the Big Ten, last in the Big Ten East. No bueno to say the least. Indiana does have five early enrollees, one on the DL, two LBs, an OT, and probably the most B1G thing of them all, an early enrollee punter.

How does the class breakdown?

Indiana’s class breaks down to 18 three star players, two 2 star players, and one player who is not rated by any agencies. Additionally, one of the two star players is only rated by one agency so that could be artificially low. What that does tell us is that Indiana is struggling to fill the class with players that are getting looks across D1, which could be a concern. Here is how it breaks down:

  • RB: 1
  • WR: 2
  • TE: 2
  • OL: 3
  • DL: 6 (3 DE, 3DT)
  • LB: 3 ILB
  • DB: 3 (2 of 3 are athletes marked for DB and two of their top 3 recruits)

Here is the full class if you’d like to look a little further at the stars and ratings, via 247:

Is the talent any good?

The talent, going off of average rating, is the worst in the Big Ten. Indiana’s average for the class is .8202, or a low three star rating. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean everything as there is some high end three star talent, including a USC flip last week, but other than a handful of recruits it appears that many are in that lower end scale. Having a non-rated player and two very low rated players doesn’t help things and may be dragging that average down.

Are they done recruiting for the year?

If Indiana has the total space to accommodate, they could still take in quite the class given that all of their early enrollees can be applied to the 2016 class if they choose to do so. Indiana has addressed need in the class with depth on the DL to replenish the position as well as taken in good talent in the secondary but if they were to find another RB, OL, or perhaps another solid DB that wanted to join on they could make the space with regards to scholarship limits within the class.

I’m not sure how the total scholarship situation looks with regards to the team since there was coaching turnover that could bring about transfers but an internal promotion should probably limit that.

Can anyone make an immediate impact?

Juan Harris should make an early impact on the defensive line and all the better that he is an early enrollee to get into the strength and conditioning program as well as taking part in spring practice. I could see Leshaun Minor, another DT, receiving early playing time as well by virtue of low numbers at the position that will most likely result in him being in the two deep unless Indiana chooses to redshirt him for the season.

I would not be surprised if Juwan Burgess, the aforementioned USC flip, and Bryant McFarland made an impact on special teams or saw the field in dime packages but otherwise many of the recruits were restocking positions and hopefully will see a redshirt.

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