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NCAA College Football Rankings: Stew System - Final ‘16-17

Upsets happen. What did they mean to the final 2016 rankings?

CFP National Championship
Saban’s welp face
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Here ya go, I’m sure this won’t cause any consternation among some of our more nit-picky crowd. Don’t care. You’re wrong.

Seems like the human polls weigh the bowls a lot more heavily than the rest of the season, so when you see a lot of upsets in bowl season you see a bunch of changes. However, they were upsets for a reason, and the better team doesn’t always win.

Team Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • OSU Michigan, though the difference is pretty stark. that’s a pretty big drop in rating.
  • Again, though only 2 ordinal places separate them, it’s about 4 rating points. That puts the B1G champs 4th in the conference. Deal with it. The Massey Composite agrees.
  • And here we have a MASSIVE chasm until we get to UNL, Minnesota, and Iowa; and though Iowa beat both of those teams (WOO!!), they did get beat down by FL, and had some worse losses that bring them down.
  • Good bowl showing by jNW, but still a bit behind those other 3.
  • Another pretty big break in tiers here until we get to Indiana. I do want to say farewell to #CHAOSTEAM, though. You had a good run. Enjoy your punting.
  • Maryland, you lost to BC, you were a bad team, in fact, you were the worst P5 team that went bowling. Congrats.
  • Congrats, MSU, you were better than Iowa State.
  • Think it’s going to be a long, hard, slog for Lovie Smith to get Illinois to respectability. I think he CAN do it, though, I do wonder how much he wants to.
  • Purdue, that is one hell of a hire, congrats! You’re still bad.
  • rutger, you should feel bad. Go away, this was an embarrassment of a football team. I’m not really sure there has been a worse football team in the conference in a long time.

Other thoughts:

  • Yes, Alabama is still #1. This makes sense if you’ve watched college football all season.
  • Brohm is a hell of a coach.
  • LSU, 8 win team in the top 15, though, the did play one fewer game, and would have certainly gotten to 9 without affecting their overall rating much at all.
  • Speaking of good 8 win teams, Auburn had some really lousy luck this year.
  • App St. appears to have made the transition to FBS rather smoothly.
  • Which brings me to ODU, who has to be one of the worst 10 win teams ever.
  • Iowa is totally losing to Wyoming next season.
  • 8 wins for Army, 9 wins for Idaho.
  • Here is where I remind everyone that fuck Notre Dame went 4-8.
  • UCLA started the year in the top 25, and Jim Mora didn’t consider hiring a spread offensive coordinator because he said that no spread team had ever won a national championship.

Elite/Garbage Teams:

Average Rating = 30.96

Standard Deviation = 17.61

  • Elite = 66.18 (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State)
  • Garbage = -4.26 (Texas State)

Conference Ratings:

Yes, the SEC is, by far, still the best conference in all the land.