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College Football Playoff Championship: Alabama-Clemson Storylines

Did you know this is a rematch???

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama
“I win so much I’ve grown tired of winning.”
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Ah, so it’s Natty Championship Day! Some thoughts from B1G world

I found myself strangely melancholy about the Title Game this year. I am sure that the REMATCH quality and the mind-numbing ‘Bama dominance has something to do with this. And I’m sure 15 minutes from kickoff I will be hyped to see the final game of this CFB season.

Is this rematch "good" for College Football? A good question. The quality of talent on the field will be unquestionably high. First Round NFL Draft type talents will litter the field. So I can imagine some decent ratings. That said, utter dominance tends to dispirit folks who are left out of the conversation. Like say, a conference which hears how deep and talented it is and then finds out that was, in fact, not true.

When it comes to the actual match-up, I would like to say a prayer of thanks to everyone’s favorite, Lane Kiffin. His redone ‘Bama offense is 110% easier on the eyes than the former ground ‘n pound concept. Thank you Jalen Hurts. If I’m going to have to watch Alabama football in high-stakes football games, they might as well put an exciting offensive product on the field.

Clemson has eliminated Clemsoning with it’s unbelievable run of success. It doesn’t hurt to have veteran talent at every position. Which leads me to —>

From a non-invested individual, it feels like you have to root for Clemson. Another offseason where we have to talk about Nick Saban and the Process and how Alabama has cemented its stature as the greatest college football program of all time and how former players serve on the scout team and how 39 unpaid coaches litter the sidelines to make sure every detail is perfect and...

Got it? C’mon Tigers!