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Off Tackle Empire Podcast 10/11/17: Big Ten Quarterbacks, Indiana to the SEC and Harbaughcalypse

also rest in peace andrew and thumpasaurus

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode of the Off Tackle Empire podcast, Andrew and Thumpasaurus discuss the level of quarterback play in the conference while recapping this week and attempt to discuss the PAC-12 before being annihilated by a murderous doggie.

But the show must go on, and we promise to have the roles of Andrew and Thumpasaurus re-cast by the weekend. We at Off Tackle Empire feel confident that their understudies are ready to step up.

It doesn’t take much critical thought to determine who was selected for the Andrew/Thumpasaurus Memorial Dicktrip Of The Week award, as only one team dashed its playoff hopes by losing at home to Iowa State’s third string quarterback.