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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Our weekly look at what our “writers” will be doing, drinking and eating on game day

Happy Friday everyone! We’re almost to game day. This week we’ve got lighthouses in Cape Cod, a fall wedding and the usual consumption of Grain Belt.

Creighton: True friends plan their fall wedding around the bye week. I’ll be back home in Iowa City demolishing an open bar and catching scores on my phone. Hopefully there will be an after-reception barcrawl so I can hit up some of my old watering holes like Dublin Underground and George’s.

Zuzu: I will be in Blacksburg (my LAST weekend in this godforsaken town), NOT working, but studying. I'll definitely watch the game though and I'm actually excited for it and think we have a good shot to win our first Big Ten game since... too long... Sorry it might be at the Illini's expense as I have no issues with them.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in my apartment or a bar in Lincoln Park to watch Northwestern play Maryland, drinking something local.

MNWildcat: Good morning, College Park! While I haven't returned to the Jewel on US-1 since ACF Nationals 2012, enough of my friends' interest in attending this one and my own relative proximity in Boston means I'll be taking a flight down on Friday night and heading to Lot A (near the library, lest I feel too out of sorts) early Saturday to start up the ol' tailgate. Beer will likely be something cheap'n'shitty, cut by the little bits of local craft beer I pick up in DC the night before or on the walk to the stadium from the Metro the day of the game.

Really, though, I'm most excited to head inside Not-Named-for-a-Racist-Anymore Stadium, because that's where CHESSIE awaits my gaping maw. As two shitty football teams do shitty football things on the field in front of me, I plan on devouring every morsel of that beauty, then washing it down with the craft beer sold in the stadium because Maryland is more progressive than almost all of the rest of the Big Ten.

Ray Ransom: Everything. I'll be drinking everything. I am omnipresent and very thirsty.

Graham: Traverse City - Staying with friends. Let's talk about Traverse City. It's amazing. The wineries and Mission Point and the hiking...really one of the many jewels of Michigan's "up North" culture. I will be visiting Jolly Pumpkin and watching Michigan-Indiana at noon. What a state we live in.

Candystripes For Breakfast: Given that IU-Michigan is a noon kickoff this week, I might or might not actually get to listen to any of it before it's over. Not sure if that's a bad thing. Anyway, I'll be at work, and probably having a Coke at some point during the game.

Babaoreally: I will be going to a local wings type bar to watch Purdue play Wisconsin until it gets out of hand. I shall drink a few cold ones if it somehow remains close, but will probably go with a single Oktoberfest style beer if I don't have to hang around too long.

GoForThree: Cape Cod, or “Down the Cape” some like to call it.

Thumpasaurus: Champaign, Illinois, amidst the legendary columns of Memorial Stadium. Within these confines, Grange once mystified defenses, Brosky once infuriated quarterbacks, Butkus once terrified ball carriers, Williams once torched proud secondaries, George once rifled the pigskin across the plains to nobody in particular.....I guess things haven't changed that much.

What will I be drinking? What WON'T I be drinking?

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium under the lights for our showdown with Sparty. Hopefully we get more SPARTY! NO! and not as much Goldy getting kicked down a well. As always, Grain Belts will be consumed.

Aaron Yorke: I'll be back at work after a fun Saturday at Comic Con and keeping track of the afternoon action. Hopefully I'll be home in time to see most of this juicy Michigan State vs. Minnesota matchup. I got nothing going on Sunday morning, so I should be able to enjoy a cold one or two.

DJ: I’ll be in College Park for the game against Northwestern on Saturday. Coaching some flag football in the morning and then bolting straight up to the game where i can hopefully get some drinks and food in at a too short tailgating time before the game starts.

Anderson Kowalewski: I will be in Detroit, making the transition to brown ales - I'm thinking Dark Horse's Boffo Brown to start - and patiently twiddling my thumbs for what really probably doesn't need to be a night game in Minneapolis.

Dead Read: I'll be in Lincoln. I will be coaching in the morning and settling in for a day of football. I will spend the better part of the day dreading a beatdown at home.

What about you, dear readers? Any plans for this weekend? Let us know in the comments!