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Off Tackle Empire Podcast: Illinois is Dead, Dicktrips Galore, Coach Fights and Memories

There is no joy in Champaign. Mighty Jeff George has struck out.

Rutgers v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In a special and angst-filled edition of the OTE Podcast, a segment recorded in Champaign with Chicago comedian Derek Graff captures a pretty raw reaction to the worst Illinois football game in recent memory, we discuss the four huge dicktrips around the country in great detail, drink some beer as is tradition and preview the upcoming fistfight between Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin.

Prop bets!

  1. Who throws the first punch, Franklin or Harbaugh?
  2. Over/under: times Rutgers over Illinois invoked as the turning point for Chris Ash: 4.5
  3. Over/under: total number of stretch plays called in Iowa-Northwestern: 50

In case all you want was the musical interlude, here it is with apologies to Foreigner: