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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

OTE’s weekly look at how our “writers” will be celebrating game day

Happy Friday, sports fans! We’ve got a Sparty homecoming and a Husker bye. Let’s see if WSR brought enough Grain Belt for everyone this week.

Creighton: Because of a recent medical issue I’ll be taking a bunch of pills instead of drinking beers this weekend, and I’ll probably be stuck on my couch the whole time. Yay.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will once again be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium. And once again, it looks like it'll be cold and wet and miserable. Thankfully it's Illinois coming to town for this one. Grain Belts and pity wins for everyone!

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in Evanston, bringing up some Daisy Cutters or other good local beer.

Thumpasaurus: Rochester Hills, presumably sippin on Traverse City cherry whiskey while doing hound dog related things that do not in any way involve football.

MNWildcat: Evanston. Might mix up my normal schedule, park on campus in one of the free lots, and enjoy a couple Chicago-area beers (like Empirical Brewery, assuming they have six-packs for sale when I visit on Friday night) out of my trunk. I have to drive back to Minnesota after the game, though, so taking it nice and easy. But the sun will come up over Lake Michigan, I'll be standing there enjoying it with a beer and some coffee, and then the Iowa fans will show up and ruin it all.

BigRedTwice: Nebraska mercifully has a bye week this week, so I signed up to work. I'll be doing that, and then watching Nebraska (please let it be so) handle Illinois on the volleyball court, and keeping a weather eye on the Minnesota-Wisconsin match in primetime.

Archie Klimpklompski: East Lansing for homecoming on what looks like unseasonably pleasant weather, sippin' on that Bell's Best Brown. It's got a cool owl on the label, guys.

Dead Read: I will be in Lincoln hoping my beloved Huskers manage to hold their own against BYE. No promises.

Candystripes for Breakfast: The usual work shift, but since we're not inexplicably in a noon game again, I'll catch the second half at home. Depending on how warm it feels by 5pm, I'll probably drinking either a cappuccino or a Coke on the way home.

Nate: I'll be in Danforth, IL drinking assorted light beer and probably cutting down a tree at some point. Hopefully it's a joyous tree-felling.

Graham: Homecoming, East Lansing. Mowing my lawn in the morning, will post photos, thanks for caring. MSU v Indiana is another (probable) nail biter of a game, just like Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota...but the Spartans will be favored. Out to dinner with friends afterwards. Hey here's a cool spot for you to check out in Mid-Michigan: Bridge Street Social, located in Dewitt. Really good everything, tremendous wine collection because they use the technology (Coravin) that allows you to pull wine and keep it fresh. Relaxed atmosphere and everyone working there will want to say hello and get to know you.

That’s how we’re doing game day, but what about you guys? Let us know in the comments!