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Week 8 Big Ten Stock Report

Penn State got their revenge but chanting “We Want Bama” is never a good idea.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Chris Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend’s games were ugly. UGLY. I don’t even know what you call what happened between Northwestern and Iowa, but it happened.

Stock Up

Penn State Nittany Lions - You guys finally got your revenge on Michigan for last year and get a solid win on the resume as well. Bonus points for knocking Michigan out of the Top 25 and getting their fan base questioning Harbaugh. Next up: Ohio State

Wisconsin Badgers - When your offense got out of its own way it was a pretty easy day. Playing a team that’s one injury away from a wildcat formation kind of does that. Next up: Illinois.

Stock Holding

Michigan State Spartans - Will LJ Scott ever figure out this whole license thing? This game was pretty ugly and Sparty is lucky to have gotten out of it with a win considering it was 9-6 Indiana with 6:00 to go. Next up: Northwestern.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Playing Illinois seems to be a guaranteed win this year. Way to only do it by only a score. I mean really, it was almost as if Illinois could have perhaps challenged for the W in the 4th if they hadn’t been switching QBs all game. Next up: Iowa.

rutger Scarlet Knights - Congratulations on being on the receiving end of Purdue beating itself. Next up: A really angry Jim Harbaugh.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Congratulations on your bye and not having to take place in this weekend!

Ohio State Buckeyes - Ditto for OSU!

Stock Down

Michigan Wolverines - The defense finally has a chink in its armor and we see what happens when Michigan plays a team where the defense can’t do it all. I’m starting to wonder if Michigan has the worst offense in the league. Next up: rutger.

Maryland Terrapins - Well, we knew that was going to happen. Basketball season is soon and at least all the QBs were hurt early on so they’ll be ready for next year. Next up: Indiana.

Indiana Hoosiers - I feel like Indiana finds new and not-so-exciting ways to stay in a game until the end but not win it. The past couple of seasons they’ve been that team who is the dark horse to potentially break out but it just never happens. Next up: Maryland.

Iowa Hawkeyes and Northwestern Wildcats - In Puntfest 2017 we saw probably the punt of the year and the dumbest play calling of the year at the end of the game that made even Kirk Ferentz blush. Not to be outdone though...Iowa goes out and drops a pass thrown perfectly to the WR to end the game in OT. If I could find a gif of the play, I’d embed it. Yeah, this game was terrible. Next up: Iowa takes on Minnesota and Northwestern takes on Michigan State.

Purdue Boilermakers - Only if the W counted when you guys beat yourselves. If you watched this game, you would have thought that Purdue was thoroughly beating buttgers with its potent rushing attack only to realize that they couldn’t convert any of their offense into actual points. Next up: Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Illinois Fighting Illini - It turns out that when you play two quarterbacks, it turns out exactly how everyone thinks it will: terrible. Pick one and gameplan around it. Next up: Wisconsin.