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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

Our weekly look at where OTE’s “writers” are imbibing delicious beverages on game day

Happy Friday everyone! This week we’ve got green lawns, cold Grain Belts and a Halloween soirée. Let’s get to it!

Creighton: I’ll be spending Saturday morning watching Premier League with some local soccer hooligans at Random Row Brewing in Charlottesville and drinking Scouser Red Ale, which is actually quite potable despite being named after Liverpool. After that, I’ve got some Odd Side Hazel’s Nuts tucked away in my pantry to watch football with.

BigRedTwice: I will be enjoying (lol word choice) the big Nebraska-Purdue tilt in the most Nebraska way possible: listening on the radio while piloting a tractor for harvest. I will be drinking water, as alcohol and heavy machinery is a bad idea. Something tells me I'm going to be relieved I don't have visuals for this game.

Zuzu: I be in New Brunswick. I will have just gotten out of my Biology GRE Subject Test that I happen to be taking at Rutgers. Looking forward to the game, hoping that we get some redemption from last year's 78-0 beat down.

Anderson Kraxenberger: At home in Detroit to catch the early and mid afternoon slate before hitting the Halloween party circuit like the debutante you all know me to be. Beverage TBD, though there are a few leftover Bell's Best Browns from last week that are calling to me.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in beautiful Evanston, watching the Cats take on the Spartans. I’ll bring up some local beers like Goose Island.

MNWildcat: South suburban Twin Cities, on my couch, main-lining Coffee Rudder Irish Red from Fargo's Drekker Brewing Co, a Mexican Chocolate Stout from Moorhead's Junkyard Brewing Co, and something from Saint Cloud (Beaver Island Brewing), along with some tasty tasty Flat Earth Brewing Company Black Helicopter Coffee Stout. Then getting up hungover on Sunday morning to watch the Vikings play the Browns in London. Let's get this over with.

Oh right! I also nabbed a couple Harvest sampler 12-packs from Summit for $7.50 each. That's a pretty good deal, right?

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be in Iowa City. The goals, as always, are to celebrate with our Pig, to not get arrested, and to not appear on Deadspin. I'm bringing some Surly Hell and Grain Belt Premium into the state, but I may not share it with people that aren't Gopher fans.

Thumpasaurous: I'll be in beautiful East Central Illinois for homecoming. Since the orange and blue aren't playing this weekend, I see no need to venture into Memorial Stadium. A number of breweries have sprung up in the surrounding area since I graduated; methinks it's time to peruse them.

Ray Ray Ransom: I'll be down in Atlantic City, speaking at a conference. I've actually scheduled my talk to be right after the Rutgers-Michigan battle for 2nd place in the B1G East - you know, because Rutgers and Michigan are tied for 2nd place - so I'll be nice and boozed up and ready for Q&A. If possible, I'll be enjoying Philadelphia Brewing Company's Pynk Ale, a delicious cherry and raspberry fruit ale that donates a portion of their sales to breast cancer research. If not, I'm sure there's a Shandy with my name on it.

Graham: Mowing the lawn (enjoy the view), taking trash to the dump, recycling some glass...I assume OSU PSU and MSU NW will keep me interested around 330pm. I will listen to arguments from the commentariat about whether Michigan v. rutger is worthwhile.

I like to highlight Michigan-centric businesses or beers every week, so this week, let's talk about cider mills. We have a regionally famous one, Uncle Johns Cider Mill, about 20 miles from my house. It's on 127 going up north and perfect for literally every occasion / family group / kids. Hard cider is delicious too! Go there now!

Aaron Yorke: I'll be drinking coffee at work while following the biggest game of the year as closely as I can while still doing my job. It probably won't be as fun as last week when my friend and I crammed into Proper West to watch Penn State beat Michigan in style. I got a bucket of Yuengling shortly after halftime and shortly before Penn State really started kicking butt. Coincidence? Probably.

C4B: I'll likely be drinking some caffeinated beverage at work while (maybe) listening to the first half of IU-Maryland, and deciding if I really want to listen to the second half. (I probably will regardless, but I'll feel better about it if the offense actually shows up.)

Brian: I'll be in Phoenix this weekend. Tempe, to be precise, where Saturday night I'll be attending the USC/Arizona State game at the House of Heat. Friday, I'll most likely find my way to Four Peaks Brewery, one of my favorite places in the Valley of the Sun.

DJ: I sadly can’t make it up to the Maryland game. I think I will remedy this by smoking some ribs for dinner, which will give me a reason to leave the tv due to the potential L coming.

Dead Read: Lovely Lincoln for me. I will spend my day dreading another Husker loss to Purdue. Heady times.

Stew: In historic Kinnick Stadium. My parents recently retired back in Iowa and my older brother is visiting from Washington D.C. So I'm taking them to the game with me. My dad's first game in over 15 years, and my brother's first game in Kinnick in over 30 years. As it's Floyd week, and Darkness season, I'll be slumming it with some 2016 Surly Darkness.

What about you guys? Let us know in the comments!