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Week 9 Big Ten Stock Report

Penn State goes down, Indiana still can’t get a conference win, and Northwestern keeps on rolling

NCAA Football: Penn State at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Little late today. My bad. Last weekend of football for the kid (7-0-1!) and then we had a banquet of sorts for them yesterday afternoon. Besides all of that, it was a great college football weekend too! OSU’s great comeback to down Penn State, Maryland somehow has two conference wins on their fourth string QB, and Northwestern took down Michigan State. How’s it look?

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes (post 1st quarter) - J.T. Barrett led an amazing comeback on Saturday afternoon against Penn State, missing all of 6 throws all day long. The defensive line smothered Saquon Barkley in the 2nd half and, really, if they could have that opening quarter back things could be different in how that game looked. Either way, they downed the #2 team in the country and have catapulted back firmly into the playoff picture. Next up: Iowa.

Michigan Wolverines - Michigan needed rutger. It was the kind of tune up game they needed as Michigan could beat rutger on talent alone on the field but it also gave them breathing room to break-in new QB Brandon Peters in a relatively stress free environment. It’ll be slightly more difficult next week but week 2 of the Brandon Peters era is also a nice slow ramp up in competition. Next up: Minnesota.

Maryland Terrapins - This game was...wild. Maryland was down 14-0 within 5 minutes but clawed their way back to a 28-23 lead at half. Students didn’t care though as they all promptly fled the game at halftime. Why? Who knows. The game was a good one. Maryland held on for a 42-39 victory behind a great offensive performance and a defense that showed up in key situations but otherwise was not very good. Next up: rutger.

Northwestern Wildcats - Two straight weeks needing OT to win but jNW keeps finding ways to do it. This week the wrinkle was Justin Jackson TBC throwing the ball, but whatever it is jNW keeps on winning. Next up: Nebraska.

Stock Holding

Wisconsin Badgers - Wisconsin played Illinois. An expected result occurred. Next up: Indiana.

Penn State Nittany Lions - Saquon Barkley took the opening kick back for a TD and on the next drive went in for another TD for a quick 14-0 strike from PSU. Penn State would lead for the rest of the game but crumbled in the fourth quarter as OSU conducted an amazing comeback. Next up: Michigan State

Michigan State Spartans - Another week and another costly turnover. This time in OT to seal the deal. Seriously though, is the supposed wizard coaching in East Lansing going to get a handle on all the fumbles this year? 4 fumbles yesterday and yet another by LJ Scott. I’m not dinging a team into stock down for a 3OT loss though. Next up: Penn State.

Purdue Boilermakers - That....hurts. Nebraska’s comeback was more improbable than Ohio State’s given the talent differential on both rosters but any given Saturday..right? The secondary was torched by Tanner Lee all night though and that is what ultimately led to the downfall. The DL/LBs played well in run defense, allowing 27 rushes to go a meger 40 yards (or, adjusted for sacks, 22 for 58). It’s a rebuild year for Purdue and they’re putting up all the positives going into the next year or two that they are going to be a team that actually does exist now! Next up: Illinois.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Wow, Tanner Lee didn’t throw a pick six, let alone an interception all night long! Is this week’s Tanner Lee showing what Nebraska fans were raving about before the season? Lee led a great comeback on Saturday night, capped off with a game winning TD under a minute to go to down the Boilermakers. Nebraska needed Tanner Lee to step up tonight too as the rush was non-existent all night long. Next up: Northwestern.

Iowa Hawkeyes - Good lord Iowa really knows how to ugly up a game and ensure that one TD by the other team puts them right back in it. I saw a screenshot of the first half that was all punts or turnovers on downs....yikes. I’m also not sure if the middle of the field is a viable option for an Iowa QB to throw to. Next up: Ohio State.

Stock Down

rutger Scarlet Knights - Nice dose of reality for rutger fans. I’m sure the sleeping giant will have awoken though because you guys did better than last year against Michigan, amiright? Next up: Maryland.

Indiana Hoosiers - Maybe you guys are really just not that good. At least, that’s what C4B’s been telling us all year and now we’re starting to believe him. Indiana’s offense had their way with Maryland in the first half but Indiana’s OL started having issues with a previously non-existent MD pass rush in the second half, leading to Peyton Ramsey leaving with an injury multiple times and eventually for the game. Both coaches were livid with the refs all evening, which people tell me means we had an A+ authentic Big Ten referee crew. Next up: Wisconsin.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Is there a particular direction the boat is rowing in? Demry Croft completed less than 33% of his passes all night (29 attempts) and the offense was non-existent against Iowa. I’m not even sure to say whether the defense did good or not considering Ferentz goes into his turtle shell the second he’s up two scores. Next up: Michigan.

Illinois Fighting Illini - The score was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Positives, right? Are you guys going to fire your OC any time soon for continuing to shuffle QBs all game and letting zero rhythm be established? Next up: Purdue.