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Big Ten Football 2017: Week 6 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Previewing Week 6 for those of you who don’t like to read

Hi. Been sick all week. Dreams haven’t been of football. Sorry I’m late and don’t have that much to say. If this even met the minimum requirements for a rant, it’d be a low-quality one. Had a few ideas though and thought this one was worth putting together.


our best 2018 qb commit “liked” a tweet announcing thomas’ suspension
why doesn’t maine football have anything paul bunyan related
no i don’t know why the time scale isn’t in even intervals
just kidding nothing overshadows the fleckmeister
show me that cocks vs beavers trophy
because hurricanes cancelled their game against fiu ya stooge
korn singer jonathan davis
those vandy things should be bigger imo

Yes, I’m mad because my team sucks, but to say that I’m JUST mad because my team sucks would be grossly oversimplifying it. Plus, when I’m mad because my team sucks, all of that lashing out is done at my team.