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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

Our “writers” like to go places and drink stuff during football season, so let’s go around the country and see what everyone will be up to

Happy Friday everyone! What beer is everybody’s favorite Oshkosh bartender drinking? Will OTE make an appearance at Comic Con!? Wait, did one of us make a friend from Wisconsin? Are you allowed to do that? LET’S FIND OUT!

Creighton: I’m going Ace Biscuit and BBQ in Charlottesville for a deliciously greasy southern breakfast, then heading home to watch Iowa and enjoy an Ellison Spatial Disturbance. If I’m feeling up to it, I may go to a brewery to catch some of the night games.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in Evanston this Saturday, and will be tailgating in the golf course and the lots bringing some Daisy Cutters.

Andre Krzyreethousand: Here in the Detroit metro, resisting the pull of brown and pumpkin ales for one last unseasonably warm weekend and sticking to Arcadia's Whitsun.

Zuzu: I be in Blacksburg. NOT working, but on call in case it gets busy (it won't) and of COURSE Rutgers is on a bye the weekend where I could actually watch them. I'll probably be soaking in all the college football while finishing up my figures for my first scientific publication.

BigRedTwice: I'm going to be watching the Nebraska-Wisconsin game in person with a friend who is coming down from Wisconsin. And yes, I realize that all of this--from actually watching this game in person to befriending someone from WI--illustrates Tanner Lee-levels of bad decision-making. I will actually be drinking something this weekend--perhaps either checking out Boiler Room's brews, or enjoying a cocktail somewhere.

Graham: Ann Arbor in Michigan Stadium. Weather will probably clear up by gametime. Always feels like half the state is at this game. Should be a tough, close game. I was at the game two years ago in AA, so I wouldn’t possibly expect fireworks like that again...


It's Homecoming, it's about goddamn time I got back to beautiful Ryan Field for a game, and just in time! the defending Big Ten champions are in town. Unfortunately I don't get to attend the festivities for my 5-year class reunion (whoa), as I will be finishing up a pre-marriage counseling thing in the Twin Cities and then driving down to Evanston late Friday night, grabbing some sleep in Milwaukee on the way if needed, and being in West Lot bright and early to celebrate with the NUMBAlums. I'll likely stop for a little beer in each locale I've visiting this week -- some Fernson (Sioux Falls) Curio tart ale, Hill City (SD) Panty Dropper Imperial Porter, whatever the hell I please from Minnesota (I'm feeling like Lift Bridge), and maybe a little Lakefront (MKE) Fuel Cafe for an early-morning pick-me-up. That should all take the edge off after Saquon drop-kicks the PAT to make it 52-20 with 10 minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

Speth: Bartending til 9 then gave myself the rest of the night off. Staying in Oshkosh though. I've been drinking Patron Saint from Wisconsin Brewing by the gallon so I might as well continue that trend. Was never an Oktoberfest fan until recently.

Brian: I’ll be in beautiful Ann Arbor this weekend, watching Michigan and Michigan State battle for the Paul Bunyan trophy. Much speculation has centered around who will be under center for the Wolverines, but as long as Maurice Hurst, Rashan Gary and Devin Bush line up on the other side of the ball, I like Michigan's chances.

Sunday, I'll be making my way to another of my favorite places, Founder's Brewery in Grand Rapids, before heading back west.

Candystripes for Breakfast: At work as usual, but unlike last week, I'm not concerned about what will happen while I'm working, given that Charleston Southern is not ranked in the top 10.

Aaron Yorke: How do you beat the nerds? Get even more nerdy! I'll be at Comic Con in New York City and possibly streaming the game while waiting in line to enjoy something dorky. They must have great Wi-Fi at this thing, right?

DJ: I work this weekend because I was confident this wouldn't be something I wanted to witness. I still maintain that. Work isn't until 4 though so I'll catch the noon slate before heading in.

Babaoreally: I'll be in beautiful West Lafayette to watch the Boilermakers take on the Gophers. The lines will probably be too long for the official Purdue beer, so I'll partake of some water.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be somewhere in Minnesota drinking a Grain Belt Nordeast or two. I believe I have a 1-year old's birthday party, the Gopher game, a MN United match to watch, and probably some leaves to rake.

Thumpasaurus: at this point imma be on my couch drinkin mucinex.

Dead Read: I shall be in lovely Lincoln. It will be about Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, my favorite chair, and me. @Lock up your daughters!@

Stew: I will be at Kinnick Stadium with good Illinois beer and bad Illinois football.

What about the rest of you shameless football fans? Are you going to a brewery, a selfish acquaintance’s fall wedding, or tailgating in the parking lot? Let us know in the comments!