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Week 6: Big Ten Stock Report

Michigan State is surging up the ranks, Maryland gets a reality dose, and Iowa was nice to give Illinois some hope before crushing it in the 2nd half.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this week was quite a week. Maryland got a nice dose of reality, Michigan State continued to surge, and Iowa toyed struggled with Illinois in the first half and gave them some hope before crushing it in the second half.

Stock up

Michigan State Spartans - Michigan State did just enough to squeak out the win and to further prove that Michigan’s offense is so trasch that even their elite defense can’t carry them this year. Next up: Minnesota

Ohio State Buckeyes - That was just...ruthless. Next up: Nebraska

Penn State Nittany Lions - Saquon Barkley was held to under 100 yards but made up for that with two TDs. Still, his bid to be the Heisman isn’t looking good with those performances! Penn State’s defense thoroughly shutdown any hopes for Northwestern with under 200 yards passing allowed and under 75 yards rushing. Next up: bye.

Purdue Boilermakers - Purdue is really outplaying any expectations we had for them this year and is also winning Big Ten games while doing it. The turnovers were a problem on Saturday but those are correctable errors. Next up: Wisconsin.

Stock Holding

Iowa Hawkeyes - Part of me wants to discount the first half and think that Kirk Ferentz was toying with Illinois but the other part of me sees that Iowa needed a fake punt and onsides kick in the first half just to keep the lead. The second half was much more of what was expected. Next up: bye.

Wisconsin Badgers - Once again the Badgers have used a strong second half to make you forget about how close things were in the 1st few quarters of the game. Jonathan Taylor continues to look amazing as a freshman running back in the league and would appear to be the next Wisconsin star RB. Next up: Purdue.

Indiana Hoosiers - Shutout your FCS Opponent but some more points would have been desired against the level of opponent played. Next up: Michigan.

rutger Scarlet Knights - bye. Next up: Illinois.

Stock Down

Maryland Terrapins - Going into the season I signed up to work on Saturday knowing I did not want to witness what was going to happen. It seems I made a good choice. Next up: Northwestern.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - The PJ Fleck Boat Rowers of Minnesota seem to have lost an oar a few weeks back. I suppose in a new coaching regime the first year or three is rough but the other new coach in the league just beat you guys. Next up: Michigan State.

Michigan Wolverines - Harbaugh’s QB whisperer skills are apparently not as elite as first thought. The defense was the question mark going into the season but it’s abundantly clear that the offense is what will keep Michigan from contending in the East. Next up: Indiana.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Beating Wisconsin would have went a long way in Riley making the new AD think twice before firing him. Too bad the defense wasn’t up to the task. Next up: Ohio State.

Northwestern Wildcats - The defense slowed down Penn State but the offense didn’t appear to have woken up prior to the game. Somehow, Thorson still gets projected as a 1st round pick. Next up: Maryland.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Poor Illini fans. For one half, you had hope. You even scored a TD! Then Iowa woke up at halftime and it was all over. Next up: rutger.