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Basketball AP Poll Rankings Released: Four Big Ten teams ranked

And three more lurk in the “Others Receiving Votes” section—we’re just 9 days from college shootyhoops, y’all!

Yuuuuuup, you’re going have to deal with a little more basketball talk from the Northwestern writer, because (1) WOOOOOOOO, and (2) I was the one actually apparently conscious and not working hard enough today to avoid posting these rankings. [Plus the Northwestern preview drops tomorrow y’all.]

Anyways, the AP preseason Top 25 is out:

For those of you not seeing the tweet, here are the ranked Big Ten teams:

#2 Michigan State Spartans (13 first-place votes, 1520 points)

#15 Minnesota Golden Gophers (642 points)

#19 Northwestern Wildcats (473 points)

#20 Purdue Boilermakers (362 points)

Also Receiving Votes:

wisconsin badgers (14 pts, 33rd)

Maryland Terrapins (7 pts, t-36th)

Michigan Wolverines (6 pts, 39th)

Dear God, what a world we live in.