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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Our weekly preview of how our “writers” spend game day and what libations they’ll be enjoying.

Welcome everyone, and happy Friday to all. In this edition of WWBWWBD we’ve got tacos and tequilas, Friendsgiving, drunk renditions of Garth Brooks songs and, as always, plenty of Grain Belt. Let’s get to it!

Creighton: There’s no soccer this weekend (international break) and the weather will be cold and rainy, so I don’t think I’ll be going to a brewery tomorrow. Looks like I’ll stay home and order some wings. Or tacos. Maybe both. This week’s beer is a Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale from Odd Side Ales in Grand Haven, Michigan. Special thanks to my friend Dr. Bob for supplying my football season with some excellent beers for his half of our beer trade.

LincolnParkWildcat: I'll be in Evanston, bundled up for a rare November night game. I'll bring up some local beer.

Graham: Was going to mow my lawn for the final time, but it's 37 degrees, not doing that. Sparty at noon, Bama v. Miss St at night, TCU Oklahoma at night, and my personal favorite GOTW: ND Miami! Man that's going to be fun.

Here is a place in Grand Rapids you must go to. Spectacular varieties of tacos and a huge tequila section - that's tequila which you drink slowly, like a scotch or bourbon. My favorites: Casamigos, Espolon...Grand Rapids has been such an engine for revitalization on the West side of Michigan, it's a must-visit for breweries and the Gerald Ford Museum and Art Prize.

I guess what I'm saying is that maybe I will head over to GR this weekend...

Arthur Knobelsdorf: Staying home for this one, looking on the bright side of this clownfraud scheduling decision in that I will have the rest of the day to emotionally recover from whatever happens in MSU/OSU rather than trying to go to sleep immediately afterwards. My constitution has been gradually succumbing to illness since I spent half of Saturday playing frisbee in 40-degree driving rain, so a pitcher of Dayquiltinis might be on tap by Saturday.

Zuzu: I will be in Sussex County (gag) New Jersey. I probably won't watch the game... or I will... I don't know. I just know that this game will very likely suck. But on the off chance that it does not, I'd rather read it about afterwards with no stress. I think I may go see Thor. No alcohol for me, I think I'll be sober for a bit due to my post Maryland game shenanigans.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: After two weeks away, I will finally be making my triumphant return to LEGENDARY HISTORIC TCF Bank Stadium for the showdown with Nebraska! Never mind the fact that it's supposed to be below 40 and rainy, that just means that my Grain Belt Nordeasts won't warm up as quickly.

Dead Read: I will roll out of bed and watch the Minnesota-Nebraska game. I am not expecting great things.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I shall be at work, expecting bad things to happen in Chambana while hoping that good things happen instead. Should good things happen, I shall celebrate with Vanilla Coke.

Thumpasaurus: I've got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my (orange and) blues away.
And I’ll be o-kay

Brian: I’ll be laying low in Los Angeles this weekend - thrilled to see Michigan State and Ohio State play the latest de facto East Division title game.

BigRedTwice: On the farm. Which I am beginning to think I will never be able to leave. :’(

MNWildcat: I will be making what is likely my final appearance in Evanston for the season. Hopefully pregaming this one pretty heavy with a combination of Odell Cutthroat Porter and some weird sour from Ska Brewing Co that is made with apples, carrots, beets, and ginger. Don't blame me, I was drunk when I bought it.

Stew: I'll be at our annual Friendsgiving. Ham, turkey, stuffing, casseroles, beer, wine, football.

That’s it for us, now what about you guys? Drinking anything interesting? Going anywhere fun? Let us know in the comments!