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Week 11 Big Ten Stock Report

Quite honestly, nothing happened this week that was unexpected. Other than a few outliers, not much going for stock movers this week.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Quite honestly, not much happened this week that was unexpected. Ohio State took their anger out on Sparty, Kirk Ferrentz properly punished Iowa fans for his son mistakingly authoring an offense on his watch, and no one came close to upsetting the favored teams. Where does that leave us?

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes - One of the few stock movers this, Ohio State remembered to run the damn ball. And run the damn ball they did, all over Michigan State. Wilson remembered that running is what Ohio State can do best and that a running back could do it! Bonus for Ohio State that Stanford lost, essentially guaranteeing that the Pac 12 isn’t making the playoff. Next up: bye (Illinois).

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Uhh, that looked like fun for you guys. Judging by WSR’s constant “WEEEEEEEEE” in the slack chat as Minnesota blew Nebraska out of the water, Minnesota fans really needed that after the lackluster start to the PJ Fleck era. Demry Croft might not be an all-pro QB but if Fleck can find out how to make him at least a threat to throw, his dual threat nature could make things fun for you guys. Next up: Northwestern.

Stock Holding

Michigan Wolverines - Maryland can’t stop the run. Michigan can run. That was all that Michigan needed as they jumped out to a huge lead before Maryland adjusted at half. Next up: Wisconsin.

Maryland Terrapins - Not really much other place to go for the Terps. They’re down to their walk on QB in Ryan Brand and it’s obvious. Granted, he was trying to make the throws, but he was constantly just missing his targets making an already hard job even harder. Basketball season is at least here. Next up: Michigan State.

Wisconsin Badgers - Wisconsin continued their stellar play on defense, grinding their way to a solid win against an Iowa team who had just dropped 55 on Ohio State. Wisconsin isn’t stock up because well...they were already there. There were also three defensive touchdowns in this game, one from Wisconsin, in a complete let down performance from Iowa. Next up: Michigan.

Penn State Nittany Lions - It was rutger, and Penn State did what they should have against rutger. Coach Hype should probably spend some time figuring out the run game as Saquon Barkley has looked very mortal (read: gaining almost nothing or negative yards) for at least one half in each game the last five weeks. Luckily the schedule has just the cure. Next up: Nebraska.

rutger Scarlet Knights - You weren’t going to win that game but you at least kept it close for a half. I guess I can’t ding you there for that. Next up: Indiana.

Northwestern Wildcats - guys won a game without going to OT? Is this real? In all seriousness, it was a thorough win in a weird game where there was a combined 107 passes along with both teams going for it on 4th down multiple times to start the game off....not very B1G. Next up: Minnesota.

Purdue Boilermakers - It’s really hard to put Purdue in stock down this year since they’re actually playing decent football after the Hazell era. It’s a completely different team and mindset from West Lafayette. Completely abandoning the run makes it that much harder to win, even if its Northwestern’s stout run defense. Next up: Iowa.

Indiana Hoosiers - Playing Illinois is the cure to everyones problems, aren’t they? Next up: rutger.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Yeah.... Next up: Ohio State.

Stock Down

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Is Mike Riley still employed? Next up: Penn State.

Iowa Hawkeyes - So less than 100 yards of offense was Kirk Ferrentz’s punishment to his son for actually drawing up an effective offensive game plan the week prior, wasn’t it? I don’t know how you go from dropping 55 on an uber talented Ohio State team the week prior to looking worse than a Maryland team on its 3rd quarterback did against Wisconsin but you did! Next up: Purdue.

Michigan State - Being on the receiving end of an angry Ohio State team isn’t a fun experience. I sort of feel bad for you guys but I have the feeling that a majority of fans didn’t think there was a real chance here after what Iowa did to Ohio State the week prior. Lucky for you guys Maryland limps into town next week on whatever ACLs they have left.