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Give us questions or we’ll treat you like one of those teams from Saturday.

Somebody needs a hug.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend sure was fun, wasn’t it? Other than that pesky “Iowa losing the one time a year I cheer for them,” there was a bunch of hilarious things that happened over the past weekend. Like Notre Dame. Or Georgia. Or Nebraska. Or Michigan State. Or the end of the Bama-Mississippi State game. Or Nebraska fans thinking they’re getting Scott Frost after the Cornhuskers just get mercilessly detassled over the final 3 weeks of the season. Or wisconsin fans thinking they’re getting in the playoff. Just amazing stuff everywhere.

But here’s the part where, as always, we need your help: ask us stuff. Please. We’re open books, except for BRT. She’s an open library. Because she’s 6’8” and full of knowledge.