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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

Our weekly preview of what the OTE “writers” will be getting drunk on for game day.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it. This week we’ve got smooth jazz, a chili cook off and as usual, plenty of Grain Belt. Let’s go around the country:

Creighton: Starting the day off getting breakfast and watching soccer at Random Row Brewing in Charlottesville. After that I’ll come home and watch some football while drinking Apple Crumb ale from Three Notch’d and Hazel’s Nuts from Odd Side Ales.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be returning to HISTORIC LEGENDARY my couch in the basement to watch the Gophers pummel justNorthwestern, as it is written that fans of both teams must always look at the other on the schedule and think "Yup, that's a win." Since it's an 11 AM game, I'll probably make myself a pitcher of Bloody Marys, to be enjoyed with a can or two of Grain Belt.

BigRedTwice: I'm working Saturday in Lincoln, mercifully, and maintaining willful ignorance that a football game involving the Huskers is happening.

MNWildcat: Somewhere, probably the Southeast Metro, avoiding my family, fiancée, and everyone else because I will likely be very grumpy that (1) I was told it probably wasn't healthy for our relationship to fly to Chicago at 5am and back at 4pm ahead of her birthday party at 7pm, and (2) the 'Cats will probably be losing to the Gophers.

I have to attend a whole themed birthday party (we're twenty-fucking-seven) at 7pm and be sober enough to get there, so probably one or two Fytenburg Grand Cru Blancs and a Stagecoach Brewing Co Smoked Porter. Then turning my phone off and taking a nap.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in Evanston, bringing up some local beer, as usual.

Graham: East Lansing, Michigan. Needless to say, extreme weather will be permeating the entire State of Michigan...during the game. That gives us, for the record: 75 minutes of sideways rain for UM-MSU, 3 1/2 hour delay for PSU-MSU...Some trainwreck version of wind/snow/rain for this Saturday. I like it.

I will be deeply pondering New Holland's Mad Hatter IPA. This is my favorite beer maker in the State of Michigan. I hope you are on board with the White Hatter, which is an immaculate lighter beer, and the multiple well done IPAs.

Rob Kronkowski: Remains to be seen if I can be arsed to get to East Lansing for the last home game of the year. The shifting forecast now indicates warmer temps...and rain. May have to take a pass and snuggle at home with Final Absolution.

Thumpasaurus: Well it just so happens that I have a gig in Southfield for the Greater Detroit Jazz Society with a noon call time where we play from 1 until 330! So I can miss the whole game!

...........they're playing when?

...........but why?

............Guess I'll take my cut from this gig and head straight to B Nektar to drown my sorrows in Zombie Killer

Candystripes for Breakfast: The usual work hours, but I'll probably listen to at least part of the game on the radio if we're not too busy. Some flavor of Coca-Cola will be consumed, if for no other reason than lunch.

Dead Read: I will be in Lincoln, watching the Nebraska game through my fingers. Not in the face!

Aaron Yorke: I'll be working in New York City while trying to follow the early action, as the first games up seem a lot more intriguing than anything happening afterwards. You know it's bad when ESPN and ABC are trying to get us excited about Virginia visiting Miami. The good news is that Utah vs. Washington should still be pretty close when I get home.

Stew: It's the last home game of the season which means it's our annual chili cook off. This year we're also doing a bloody Mary bar. We'll be making a big batch of our chili to share (use ground beef and ground sausage, and bloody Mary mix instead of tomato sauce), and some pepper bacon for the bloody Mary bar. As for drinks, probably stouts, porters and scotch ales, Victory at Sea, backwoods bastard, and the like.

Zuzu: Ya girl is gonna be in New Brunswick cheering on the marching band in something called Soup Bowl— of which you will know what this is at 2:00 today (on the main page). I will be drinking whatever is free that I can get my hands on at various Glee Club and Marching Band alumni tailgates for the event.

What about you guys? Where are you watching this week’s fantastic games like * squints * ....Indiana vs Rutgers? Let us know in the comments!