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Big Ten Football: Week 10 Preview In MS Paint Infographics

but you end up reading anyway

It’s always kind of hard to follow a sport when you don’t have a team. The events of the season are amusing and spectacular, but when you don’t really have a personal stake in the action, you can’t really get the visceral thrill of your team pulling off something tremendous, and so it’s natural to avoid being invested in the sport entirely. If you get detached from your team, you get detached from the sport as a whole. At least that’s been my experience. All I can do is wait. I can’t really watch the games like a regular fan does. I know my team’s going to lose and it probably won’t be close, so I’m just watching for small improvements, a reduction in mind-blowing mistakes, and promising players. The defensive staff did a good job limiting Wisconsin’s offense last week, and I’d recommend any future opponents of the Badgers watch that tape. But my goodness, to go 9 for 31 passing the ball is hard to wrap your head around. So, I look to the future, but recruiting is yet another waiting game, especially since it seems their style is to close late. Even with one of the lowest-rated classes in the conference, they’d still be closing the talent gap, but it’s not the least bit exciting to watch competent classes stack on top of each other, especially when the offensive playcalling is still such a huge question mark. So I’m left with just trying to enjoy college football holistically, long since too humbled to talk any smack or celebrate my own team without a sneering sarcasm. Whatever, I guess it’s a passable distraction on its own. Watching Illinois feels like I’m being scammed out of my time, because in theory all that I invest will make the payoff when they finally win again that much better. But it’s always possible that they don’t.

Anyway, enjoy the games.