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Week 12 Big Ten Football Stock Report

Wisconsin and Ohio State have locked up their spots in the conference championship game with a week to go in the season.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Penn State Chris Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

There is still a week of football to play but we know our conference championship game: Ohio State vs Wisconsin. Wisconsin locked up a few weeks back, I think, but with Ohio State winning this week and owning the tiebreaker over the entire Big Ten East via head to head wins there is no way for anyone else to reach the championship game from the East. Here is how the rest of the weekend looked:

Stock Up

Wisconsin Badgers - After a rock fight of a first half Wisconsin was able to get things moving in the 2nd half. Alex Hornibrook makes really dumb decisions (his interception) and then comes back and makes pin point accuracy throws over the middle of the field for a ~20-25 yard TD. He should probably focus on continuing to do scenario number two more often. Next up: Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Ohio State Buckeyes - Thump and I were discussing before this week and came to the conclusion that Ohio State would put up 63+ in attempts to make a statement to keep in the playoff conversation. In that light, Ohio State didn’t really exceed expectations but they easily locked up the conference championship appearance this week so the stock is up. Next up: Michigan Wolverines.

Northwestern Wildcats - Northwestern is rolling after the usual slow start to the season. Anyone remember that Duke game? I bet Northwestern wishes they had that back. Northwestern and Minnesota combined for a total 129 yards passing in attempts to compete with the MD/MSU game for passing lows in the rainy, windy weather from the weekend. Next up: Illinois Fighting Illini.

Indiana Hoosiers - I don’t understand Indiana football. It’s rutger and all but they hadn’t shown a pulse as of late until this weekend. Let’s see if you can keep it up next week. Next up: Purdue Boilermakers.

Purdue Boilermakers - I’m not sure if that was a solid performance by Purdue or if Iowa is still being punished for the OSU game. Either way, Purdue has vastly improved in just one year, really showing how inept Hazell and his staff were. Next up: Indiana Hoosiers.

Stock Holding

Michigan State Spartans - At first glance, a 17-7 win over a reeling Maryland team is not anything to write home about, especially considering Lewerke completed two passes all day. Then you realize there was rain and snow all game and it all makes more sense. The weather didn’t help Maryland slow down LJ Scott and the MSU run game, and that was all that was needed. Next up: rutger.

Penn State Nittany Lions - I’m not sure if Franklin took his foot off the gas or if Nebraska simply woke up at halftime but our PSU writer Aaron Yorke seems pretty fired up that the media gets any way they want to spin it with this game. PSU rolled off 5 straight scoring drives in the first half to take a commanding lead before the defense took a break in the second half to allow Nebraska to make this game look competitive at the end. Luckily for Saquon Barkley, he can continue his resurgence in having an easy time running the ball next week. Next up: Maryland Terrapins.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - See above. I also think you’re the cure to Iowa’s offensive issues. Next up: Iowa Hawkeyes.

Stock Down

Michigan Wolverines - Is Michigan going to end the year on a losing streak before their bowl game? The offense looks better with Peters under center but he was shaken up in the 2nd half and no one is sure what the injury is yet. Ohio State is rolling and needs to keep up its impressive showings to try to make it back to the playoff. Michigan will need to have its best defensive showing of the year because their offense isn’t going to keep up if it becomes a shootout. Next up: Ohio State Buckeyes.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Well, at least you got a head start on what next week will look like. Next up: Wisconsin Badgers.

Iowa Hawkeyes - I’m fairly certain Kirk Ferentz is still punishing his son for that showing of offense against Ohio State. There is really no other explanation. Next up: Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Penny Stocks

Maryland Terrapins - Another week, another different QB starting the game (consistency wise, not a new name). Next up: Penn State. At least basketball is here.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Well, you kept it under 63 to make sure Thump and I predicted wrong. Next up: Northwestern.

rutger Scarlet Knights - See, you were turning a corner. And then you shit the bed the last two weeks. Ok, well, last week was a Top 10 team but there really isn’t an excuse for Indiana. Next up: Michigan State.