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Big Ten Basketball Stock Report - Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Looking back at the Gavitt Games and some other things that happened

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Providence
Don’t get too distracted by those crazy kids.
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

So the first full week of shootyhoops has passed us by. The Gavitt Tipoff Games ended in a 4-4 tie (again).Once again proving that these cross-conference matchups prove nothing about conference dominance but do provide some good early season matchups while the rest of the conference bellies up to the cupcake counter. Oh, and Northwestern got blown the hell out in their preseason tournament. Let’s see how everyone’s stock is doing this week.

Stock Up

Purdue Boilermakers – Are you really surprised that a Purdue ‘writer’ is smiling ear-to-ear right now? Purdue walks into Marquette and takes away a bit of a grinder. The Golden Eagles discovered that Isaac Haas and Matt Haarms are pretty good at this inside-the-arc thing and then got burned late when Purdue started going inside-out. The Boilers followed it up by nailing a school record 19-3’s against cupcake Fairfield.

Minnesota Golden Gophers – Well done, Minnesota, you also went on the road for the Gavitt Games and came out of Providence with a nice little road win.You also beatup on a couple of cupcakes.

Illinois Fighting Illini – Wait a sec. /Checks notes. Yep, that’s right, Illinois did a thing. After looking flat ugly against UT-Martin, the fightin’ Underwoods went out and beat DePaul to make sure the national analysts didn’t have too much to talk about against the B1G.They also took down a Marshall squad with relative ease.

Maryland Terrapins - No one really knows how good Butler post-Holtmann is going to be. But for now, the name recognition win gives you a little bump. That said, you’re on thin ice struggling to beat Bucknell. Thank God for free throws, right? (Didn’t get to watch the game, is #MeloHeadFakeFoul finding a new life?)

Stock Holding

Indiana Hoosiers – The loss at Seton Hall is more than excusable given you were a double-digit road dog.You then turned around and used defense (!) to defeat South Florida forcing 17 turnovers. Not bad.

Michigan State Spartans - Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch much of the (Fuck) Duke game. I feel as though I should dock you for letting Allen score 37 points. But I’m going to let it slide, you went toe-to-toe with the media preseason darling.

The following are teams who beat teams they should beat without much of a sweat.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Michigan Wolverines

Nebraska Cornhuskers – Side note, you have something against schools with ‘North’ in their name?

Ohio State Buckeyes

Penn State Nittany Lions

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Stock Down

Wisconsin Badgers – Only one game, and it was a tough loss to Xavier.My Wisconsin buddy was texting throughout the game about Blueitt and how impressed he was. Unfortunately for you, it’s a rare home loss and that gets you on the down list this week.

Northwestern Wildcats – Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?Four games in seven days appear to have gotten to you. The loss to Creighton was a bit disappointing. Then came Sunday night. Texas Tech came in, stole your lunch, took your lunch money, and kicked your butler for good measure. Not good, Willie, not good.