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Big Ten Basketball: Feast Week Tournaments Preview, Open Thread

Purdue in the Bahamas, Michigan in Maui, and Michigan State and Ohio State in the PK80 Invitational. We’ve got your schedules, times, TV, and open thread here.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Are you looking for actual Big Ten basketball analysis? Might we recommend taking a stroll over to Boilerman’s Stock Report? There are lots of goodies in there for you...if you’re a Maryland, Minnesota, or Purdue fan, that is.

Look, I’ll admit that basketball is much less fun now that Northwestern has been proven to be an extremely flawed team at best and challenging rutger for 13th in the conference at worst. But I made a promise that I’d continue writing about it for a while, and the most wonderful week of the first half of college basketball is upon us:


Is that a dumb name? Yeah, kinda. But we’ve got non-conference tournaments galore over the next seven days, and goddamnit, you deserve a proper place to celebrate them, OTE reader.

First, a quick’n’dirty rundown of who’s where through Thanksgiving Day:

Would you like full previews of these tournaments? Here you go! (It’s actually pretty instructive, if I can toot my own horn. The Michigan one...well, we all make mistakes.)

Anyways, tonight (Monday) is fun as hell when the sun goes down, as Maryland and Jackson State on BTN at 6pm give way to a ranked matchup in wisconsin-Baylor on ESPN2 at 8:30pm, followed by Michigan-LSU from Maui at 10pm on ESPNU. BILL WALTON, Y’ALL!

Not a ton else notable in the non-conference besides the tournaments (see the preview I wrote for full brackets), but there are nationally-televised non-conference-non-tournament games every night this week, including Alabama A&M at Minnesota and Arkansas State at Indiana. But you won’t be watching those, you’ll be watching


The TV schedule is below, and this will be your open thread for basketball for the week. Be not-shitty to each other.