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Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 13: So...wisconsin to the CFP?

The Big Ten could send reps to the Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, AND Fiesta Bowl...or is there a playoff game in there for wisconsin or Ohio State? Where does Penn State fall? We’ve got all your speculation and some baseless slurring of Iowa State because it was late when I wrote this.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that got stupid in a hurry.

Remember that these bowl projections are my best attempt at projecting what I think will happen (not how the CFB landscape looks today). College football will be funny this year, though: with 79 teams already eligible for 78 spots, Florida State (vs 4-7 Louisiana-Monroe), Louisiana-Lafayette (vs 7-4 Appalachian State), and New Mexico State (vs 4-7 South Alabama) stand to make difficult decisions even more challenging.*

Of those, I have FSU and NMSU getting to 6 wins, meaning three teams will stay home with bowl-eligible records. Of course, that's complicated by the fact that Florida State could lose Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M, the Big Ten, SEC, and ACC all fall well short of filling their tie-ins, extra teams from the Pac-12, C-USA, MAC, and Mountain West, and waiting for whatever the hell is happening in the SEC to play out.

I honestly thought last week that after this week of projections, I'd be able to say "just wait for the championship games and we'll be fine. But we're gonna have to wait for coaching carousels, too. What a world.

As always, I have intentionally tried to hurt your feelings and underrate your team. I'm so sorry.

*I have Western Kentucky, Buffalo, and Utah State left out of bowl games. Don't ask me why.