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This article will already be out-of-date when it’s posted, but we’re hearing things and seeing things about Big Ten teams going to bowls, so let’s talk about it!

Black Heart Gold Pants twitter

Iowa to the Music City Bowl?

Our friends at BHGP sure got the ball rolling today twiwith this tweet:

Of course, in the wake of this Land of 10’s Scott Dochterman noted that the Glen Mason Memorial Bowl is considering Northwestern and Purdue in addition to the Hawkeyes:

Scott Ramsey, the Music City Bowl’s president and chief executive officer, said Iowa is among three Big Ten teams the bowl is considering for its Dec. 29 game against an Southeastern Conference team.

“I think from our standpoint we’re kind of circling Northwestern, Iowa and Purdue in some combination,” Ramsey told Land of 10. “We might have a couple of those to pick from, and we’re kind of going through our due diligence and process and certainly very excited about the possibility of Iowa being in that mix.”

Michigan to the Outback Bowl?

MLive is quoting former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy as sending Michigan to the Outback Bowl, surprisingly, at the likely expense of a Michigan State appearance in the Sunshine State.

Purdue is bowling! (Duh.) But where?

The Journal & Courier quotes Purdue AD Mike Bobinski, who notes that “There’s probably three at this point that are the most likely options for us,” athletic director Mike Bobinski said. “We’re going to try to be positioned well with all of those.” The math means that those three are likely the Pinstripe, Music City, and Foster Farms Bowls..

The J&C also mentions “Iowa athletic director Gary Barta told reporters in Iowa City before the Hawkeyes played Nebraska that he's had the most discussions with representatives from the Music City and Pinstripe Bowls.”

We’ve already speculated wildly and recklessly, but maybe we’ll add to the speculation here as time goes on. Feel free to share more rumors here.