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Power Polls on Parade

Every Power Poll We’ve Ever Published

Over the years, the Power Poll has come to be one of the most anticipated weekly features of Off Tackle Empire. I believe this is primarily because we are talented, hilarious “writers,” obviously. But much of the appeal comes from the truly amazing breadth covered by our Power Polls. Just this season, we’ve had polls featuring pizza and Pride and Prejudice; Animal House and marine tetrapods; Dragon Ball Z and Full Metal Jacket. You really never know what you’re going to get in a Power Poll any given week, and I think that’s part of the charm.

The feature appears to have started in 2010 when Bama Hawkeye consolidated a weekly ranking article with a pop culture comparison column and the Power Poll as you now know it was born. We still often drink from the well of pop culture, but we’ve expanded the subcultures we write about and also frequently journey far afield of what would often be considered pop culture, often reflecting the “writing” staff’s eclectic backgrounds and interests.

Because we’re not doing a new Power Poll this week (it seemed silly to do the post-regular season poll before the CCG) and in response to some requests in previous comments sections, today you’ll find a list of every single Power Poll (or, at any rate, a lot of them) that has ever appeared on OTE. Thanks to LincolnParkWildcat for putting the list together!

So, scroll through and rediscover old favorites, or check out that poll over your favorite TV show that you never realized existed! Let us know in the comments which ones are your all-time favorites!

(I also want to thank my fellow “writers” who contributed Power Polls this season. This is a fun feature to write, but it’s incredibly time consuming. I appreciate everyone who wrote one (or more)! A special shout out goes to InsertName/Nate Pedersen, who makes the slick graphs every week.)

Click here to see the list, because I don’t know how to embed it, and neither do any of my co-“writers.” You get what you pay for.