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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Our weekly look at the libations and activities our “writers” partake in on gameday

Happy Friday everyone! Gameday is just around the corner. This week we’ve got farming, frisbees and fancy waffles. (what are you too good for Eggos now, DJ?) Also, I presume buckets of saison and tripel. Ok let’s get to it! Week 10:

Creighton: I have to go into work for 2 or 3 hours on Saturday morning, but I’ll be done just in time for football. I’ll probably go to a self-serve taproom for a bit, then come home and enjoy some Mexican Spice Cake Dragon’s Milk from New Holland.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: For the first time in over a month, I'll be sitting on my couch in my basement in suburban St. Paul watching a game! I'll celebrate by drinking a Grain Belt or two while folding the ever-growing pile of laundry I've washed.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be at a bar in Lincoln Park watching the Cats take on the Huskers, drinking whatever’s on tap.

Zuzu: I will be in Piscataway for this legendary clash of rivals. Dressed in black for RU's annual blackout game, hanging out with rutgerssaxman and HOPING TO GOD WE WIN.

DJ: Belgium, probably streaming the game on my iPad at the hotel bar.

BigRedTwice: Farming again, drinking water (or maybe something hot... fall has really escalated quickly this year, hasn't it?) I'm intentionally missing the football game so that I can go into Lincoln in the evening and take my niece to the volleyball game, which is going to be a lot more fun than the football game is likely to be.

Still, there is always hope when Northwestern comes to town:

Dead Read: Lovely Lincoln for me. I will be coaching in the morning and running about. I should have plenty of time to pick up some BBQ, settle in, and fret over the "Battle for NU." Who wants to lose the least? We are going to find out.

Alex Kleszczewski: Grand Rapids, MI for Huckfest, an annual ultimate frisbee tournament. Perfect excuse to not watch Coach Hype take out his frustrations on MSU.

Graham: East Lansing, Michigan. Penn State, MSU...supposedly 45 degrees and light rain, which isn't terrible for November in the Mitten. Hoping for a close game and my usual Two-Hearted before the game.

Candystripes for Breakfast: At work, pretending that football doesn't exist.

Thumpasaurus: Home sweet home. Picked up some Edmund Fitzgerald to get ready for heavy beer season (although for me that's every season) and also to see if the illini can't sink the Good Ship Brohm in its home port of Purdue Harbor.

MNWildcat: Denver, apparently! I think Mountain Tiger is still graciously hosting me, so we'll be having whatever beer I bring down from Boulder and anything he generously shares with me! If only there were a brewery in Boulder to patronize before I head over...

Anyways, he's also said something about a gin-and-apple cider drink, which checks off all the boxes I'm interested in. So that'll happen, I hope.

Aaron: I'll be working a mega shift, so hopefully Michigan State doesn't make it too interesting. FOX has a pretty good triple-header, so I shouldn't have to worry about changing the channel too much.

Alright that’s it for us. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments!