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I don’t know why Santa was at a Browns game when he told badger fans about their Christmas wish of winning a national title.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Hello dearest “readers.” How is everyone doing as we approach the holiday season? I would apologize for the lack of a mailbag last week, but I don’t think there was really that much going on. Sure, some of us were re-working our company’s 2018 budget for the 4th time and that’s great fun. But as a whole, there just wasn’t much going on this past week while we waited for the return of football on Saturday and a few various other events. But football is back, Nebraska won a National TItle in volleyball, External Legal has been allocated an extra 15%, and it’s time to get questions from you lovelies.

Ask away, please. Would you like to know what we think of your team’s bowl game? How about if wisconsin basketball will find a way to win a 6th game and become bowl eligible? Or what do we think you should get for that last-minute gift idea for you-know-who? We’ll also entertain questions about food, clothing, and new season of The Grand Tour (but not Star Wars, because I haven’t had time to see it yet and I don’t want to give MNWildcat the opportunity to spoil it. He’s a jerk like that) or some older seasons of Top Gear, if you’d like.