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The Leaders and Best

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ten B1G Things

  1. Champions.
  2. J.T. Barrett now has the most QB wins in OSU history.
  3. J.K. Dobbins owns the OSU Frosh rushing record with 1364 yards.
  4. The West: they suck again!
  5. The hole in Barrett’s knee matches the ones he keeps shooting in his feet.
  6. At some point J.T. Barrett just needs to walk to up to any of his several receivers, arm-rocket a perfect pass right into the guy’s crotch, and say “since you can’t catch the fucking thing at eye level, I thought we might try it there instead.”
  7. He should definitely not actually do that, but it would make a valid point. Could’ve easily been 41-21.
  8. Wisconsin fans understand the problems with the velcro field coming undone. It happens to their wallets all the time.
  9. At this point, I bet Wisconsin fans won’t even fly over Indianapolis out of fear of what happens to Badgers there.
  10. Jonathan Taylor rushed for 2.73 yards per carry, besting Saquon Barkley by 23 of a yard per go. Now that’s a rushing attack.
  11. When this team is on their game, they’re a national title contender. When they’re off, they make Kirk Ferentz look innovative.
  12. The playoffs scare me and I’d like a year off from Clemson, please.
  13. It’s WISconsin, Jim Delany. WIS-consin. Wesconsin isn’t a place.
  14. What a great year in a great conference.

The Final Countdown

This game had it all. Uncalled holding. Uncalled blocks in the back. Pathetic passing. Amazing punts. Long FGs. Blocked FGs. Did I mention the punting? In the end, the best time won. Perhaps t’s better to take a few punches and get back up over the course of a year than to beat up on soft competition only to be upended in the final showdown (an object lesson for Bama fans).

Congrats to the Badgers on an excellent season. Undefeated is a tall order, as evidenced by how rarely it’s done in the top conferences. Wisconsin runs a great program, and Chryst is a good coach who reflects the positive characteristics of a clean and well-run team. Best of luck in your bowl game.

Thanks to the rest of you for being part of OTE, the weekly tongue-in-cheek snark of SMCD, and the joys of college football. May your Christmas season—and bowl season—be merry and bright.

Go Bucks (and Beat Navy)!