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College Football Playoffs, Bowl Games Announcement Open Thread

Updating live

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We’re live-updating the College Football Playoff selection show and bowl game selections as they happen. Discuss in the comments

College Football Playoff:

NY6 Games:

Fiesta Bowl (time, TV): Penn State Nittany Lions vs Washington Huskies

Cotton Bowl (time, TV): USC Trojans vs Ohio State Buckeyes

Peach Bowl (time, TV): Auburn Tigers vs UCF Knights

Orange Bowl (time, TV): Wisconsin Badgers vs Miami Hurricanes

Big Ten Bowl Games:

Outback Bowl: Michigan Wolverines vs South Carolina Gamecocks

Holiday Bowl: Michigan State Spartans vs. Washington State Cougars

Foster Farms Bowl: Purdue Boilermakers vs. Arizona Wildcats

Music City Bowl: Northwestern Wildcats vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Pinstripe Bowl: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Boston College Eagles

We'll be updating as fast and often as we can today with bowls. Feel free to talk about these in the meantime, chat about the Big Ten Championship Game in SMCD, and hit up the basketball thread for another day of shootyhoops!


DJ: Scrap the playoffs. Alabama is the equivalent of Wisconsin except they couldnt even make their conference championship game. Does OSU have flaws? Yes, but ESPN analysts are currently saying its not Bama’s fault FSU sucks and their SOS looks bad is a ridiculous take. It is not Wisconsin’s fault that the entire Big Ten West sucks either but that is how the chips fell. The playoff needs to be expanded because clearly the divide on who belongs shows that 4 teams isn’t enough.

MNW: Don't get boatraced at Iowa if you want to be taken seriously for the Playoff. This should, in theory, be a pretty intuitive takeaway and not something about which there should be questions.

Thumpasaurus: Alabama’s selection at #4 proves that losing in the conference championship game is much worse than losing in the regular season. Despite losing to the only quality team they played, they get to have a Lifetime Achievement Award. Conference championship games matter, but only when you lose them. Winning them does nothing. Also, is the Big Ten West really worse than the SEC East? For God’s sake, Georgia played in a division where Kentucky was the second best team, two coaches got fired midseason and one of the better teams in Missouri was beaten 35-3 by Purdue.


Creighton: I’m fine leaving tOSU out, but including Alabama is a indefensible. They lost their only game against top-10 competition convincingly and Ohio State, Wisconsin, Auburn, USC and UCF all have better arguments for being included than Alabama does. Hell, both teams from Iowa even beat top-10 teams this year. I hope Clemson wins by 40.