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Play Off Tackle Empire Bowl Pick’em!

I...there’s not much else to say.

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s time for another one of those events in which I promise you can write an article of your choosing or something, then don’t actually follow through and no one gives a shit.


It’s time for OTE Bowl Pick’em. I went through ESPN, which may or may not actually be OK with SBNation. Oh well. Links are below, feel free to join at your leisure, though know that bowls start December 16. Max 2 pick sets per each league, use your OTE handle if you would like possible recognition of any kind.

Since I’ve tossed out the idea of “recognition of any kind,” belated congratulations to SmashSmashSuhmash for winning the 2016 OTE Confidence Pick’em by one point over Go ‘Cats, Beat Pitt!, 584-583; and to hoeger and the now(?)-ironically-named Tom Crean >>>> Gene Keady for winning the 2016 OTE Straight-Up Pick’em with 29 correct votes. Feel free to write a FanPost if you want/are a registered and active OTE member, and we’ll be happy to consider front-paging it. Or whatever.

Confidence Pick’em - OTE Confidence

Straight-Up Pick’em - OTE Straight-Up

We’re also going to work on getting straight-up Big Ten pick’em going, but that depends on my motivation and willingness to learn how to do that on Google Sheets or Forms or whatever. Bowl season! You probably didn’t get what you wanted, but that’s OK!