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Timeline: Michigan State Offseason Scandals and Suspensions

What in the hell is going on with Michigan State this offseason?

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Michigan State is struggling mightily this offseason and it’s continuing to get worse. How bad? Michigan State is really trying to wrest the off-season Fulmer Cup title from Baylor athletics this year, which would be a feat considering what has gone down with Baylor and most recently the Big 12 having to use financial incentives to attempt to correct the behavior. Michigan State’s football offseason has been bad but do not let that distract you, the gymnastics team has had the worst scandal since Baylor.

Here is a quick timeline of events of things that have went down:

  • August 29th, 2016: Michigan State fired former Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar after it was revealed that the doctor had multiple sexual assault and harassment complaints against him. A police investigation into child pornography has ensued as well as civil lawsuits and Title IX complaint was initiated on August 29th and still ongoing. The link above has more details and, quite frankly, if true this guy needs to go away for life.
  • Last week: In a not so private rumor, multiple sites (MGoBlog, reddit, etc.) are reporting that MSU LB Jon Reshke was dismissed from the team after he got into a verbal confrontation with a teammate who allegedly slept with his girlfriend/ex. Allegedly the N-bomb was dropped in the rant and the team voted to kick him off the team.
  • Also rumored last week and reported on Feb 7th: Michigan State Right Tackle Thiyo Lukusa has quit because he is apparently no longer interested in football and hasn’t been for some time. He was projected to be the starting right tackle after appearing in 8 games this past season.
  • February 9th: Three unnamed Michigan State football players were suspended and removed from on campus housing as well as the suspension of a football staffer due to sexual assault allegations that have led to a criminal investigation, a Title IX investigation, and the school hiring an outside law firm to conduct a full review of the football program’s compliance with regards to relationship violence and sexual misconduct. Yikes.
  • Announced February 9th: Michigan State football player Demetrius Cooper was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery in November for allegedly spitting on a police officer.

I have to ask, what the hell Sparty? Was your locker room this toxic last season and undisciplined? Pure speculation but if all of this was going on, I can’t imagine the first focus was football.