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Happy Valentines Day from...

Rutgers loves each B1G team more than you know.

Rutgers truly loves being in this conference. In spite of our blow-outs, and shut outs, it is genuinely an amazing thing to be a part of the Big Ten, a conference of tradition and classic American teams. Something about being B1G feels far more united than being in the dying Big East and awkward AAC. Big Ten teams have fans that actually travel, are inviting to visitors, and have Game Day traditions that are unparalleled. Rutgers can’t help but admire every school’s team we now share a schedule with and there’s no better time to confess our love for the other teams in this conference than on Valentine’s Day. 364 days of the year we hate each other. Today is for love, and love from the team who gets a lot of that hate. There’s no coincidence that there are 14 teams in the B1G and Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. And for any Rutgers fans reading this and gagging at the concept, even you can admit you’d much rather be playing Penn State and Michigan, over UConn and Temple.

Yeah, I’m sure it seems odd that the team that gets beat down the most would be professing its love for the teams that (mostly) do the beat downs, but... love is mysterious and unpredictable. [Please see the disclaimer from Zuzu at the end of this post]

I do hope you enjoy these thirteen dank meme inspired Valentine’s Day cards courtesy of Microsoft Paint. Have anything nice to say to other teams on behalf of yours? Leave it in the comments! I never did make one for Rutgers...

(Disclaimer: Even though this post is written by a genuine Big Ten fangirl, this is in fact, satire, and Rutgers would actually like to drive its sword deep through these thirteen teams’ hearts, not in the cupid arrow way, and will just love the day that we do— That’s why we actually love being in this conference... But today is Valentine’s Day! All <3 today)