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Mailbag Question Request: WTF PSU Basketball Edition

Pat Chambers has questions, Do You?

I must admit some actual amusement from basketball this month. Penn State followed up an abysmal loss to rutger with a win over #21 Maryland. Somebody ‘splain that to me...

The truth is, nobody knows which Penn State team will take the floor. The one that beat Minnesota and Maryland, or the lackluster squad that barely had a pulse against Albany, Northwestern, and rutger.

I witnessed the latter first hand over the break. My dad and I went to that Northwestern game. I still believe I could find five football players that could take our starting five in a game. Sadly, that’s been the case for PSU basketball since I can remember...and I’m as old as dirt.

I don’t know if its coaching, players, or the effing moon cycle. But these kids seem more mood swings than my tween-age daughter.

I’m not a basketball fan. My time at UNC ruined this sport for me forever. To my mind, there is nothing more painful than the last 2 minutes of a basketball game. Who wants to watch 30 minutes of foul shots? I’d rather watch 2 hours of film of Iowa’s quarterback play...

Anyway, basketball season is in full glory. If you have questions, I’ll shake our writers out of their midwestern-winter hibernation to get you answers. Leave em in the comments below...

Your Friend,