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Big Ten Tournament, Day 3 Recaps: JLD > SVP


NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Northwestern vs Rutgers
Sometimes there just are no words.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's a fair chance I'm drunk or hallucinating or something. If you would've told me there'd be two upsets in yesterday's quarterfinals, those were not the two I'd be guessing.

Anyways. We got us another big day tomorrow.

Michigan 74, Purdue 70 (OT)

Well that's one way to make a splash when you get your real jerseys back.

Michigan got a ridiculous 26 points and just all-around stand-out performance from D.J. Wilson, and a Zak Irvin bucket with under 5 seconds left sent this to overtime. From there, Irvin took over.

What a boon for Michigan. From an 8-seed and marginal tournament status to a BTT semifinal and possible 7-seed in the NCAA Tournament.

For Purdue, again, the Boilermaker faithful will be left with a Big Ten regular season title and the knowledge of what could've been in a very flawed year for the conference. In the end, they epitomized the very flaws they exploited all year.

Graham: A QUICK NOTE i chose Michigan to win the BTT in the OTE BTT challenge. haaaaaa.

Minnesota 63, Michigan State 58

I'm just gonna recap how this conversation went among the writers:

Andrew K: Well, at least Nick Ward and Miles Bridges showed up.

The rest of the squad? Not so much.

Graham: @andrewkraszewski your team is made up of two good players and rutger.


Hard-hitting, team.

wisconsin 70, Indiana 60

The badgers got hot shooting from D'Mitrik Trice and Bronson Koenig and eased past the Hoosiers, who couldn't replicate their shooting performance from the Iowa game.

The badgers now have a great shot at somehow playing like ass for a month and backing into the Big Ten Tournament title, moving ever-closer to a 5-seed, while Indiana returns home to polish the silver and await an NIT berth.

Northwestern 72, Maryland 64

/deep breath


Alright. Now that that's over. We saw history, as Northwestern is now advancing to the BTT semifinals for the first time. Ever.

DJ Carver: When Maryland suffered a 20-2 run to jNW, I turned the game off. I'd like to report that on DDD, Guy tried fresh made blue corn tacos that he demolished in approximately two bites and displayed an adjective vocabulary greater than our President in describing how amazing they were.

MNW: First, Kevin Huerter and Melo Trimble were phenomenal and nearly won this game virtually by their damn selves. There were some turnovers, fine, but Huerter's shooting in the first half made up for a nearly absent Damonte Dodd. (Credit goes to the himself-offensively-quiet Dererk Pardon there. What a defensive performance.)

And yes, we need to appreciate how damn good Vic Law (17 pts, 5/7 shooting) and Scottie Lindsey (17 pts, 7/12 shooting) were, along with how Bryant McIntosh once again was clutch down the stretch.

But that wasn't the turning point in this one.

No, Maryland fans, you have yourselves to blame for this one.

And it's not your excessive whining or your students' antics or the guy the row in front of me religiously following Duke-North Carolina on his phone while an actual game played out on the court. (Seriously though, dude.)

No, the turning point came at the under-8 timeout, when the respective celebrities in attendance for each school were displayed on the Jumbotron.

And let me be clear: Scott Van Pelt might be the best thing about both ESPN and the University of Maryland. He is awesome.

But you don't fucking boo Julia Louis Dreyfus.

Indeed, after seeing the celebrity mother of Northwestern basketball roundly booed by a partisan audience hell-bent on nothing but applauding wildly for a man wearing a Jackson Pollock-themed blazer, the chivalrous Northwestern Wildcats came rushing to the aid and honor of Sir Charlie Hall and his parents, who are like parents to us all.

Long live JLD! Long live a stunningly competent Northwestern basketball!