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NCAA Bracket Challenge: Bracket Analysis and Big Ten Chances

IT’S THE YEAR! And yes, I spilled Jameson’s on this doing shots. I could care less

Selection Sunday is finally here!

Here’s the bracket courtesy of an screenshot

And here’s the reactions from your humble and in no way possible happily inebriated Northwestern co-writer and his colleagues


IT’S THE YEAR!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!

I’m glad I bought the shirt!

I spilled Jameson’s on it and I COULD CARE LESS!!

Andrew PoonshkiorPazckiMcPolishface:

MSU's seed is probably about right. I won't pretend to know enough about Miami hoops to get you meaningful analysis right now, but looking around, Kansas is perhaps the 1 MSU has the best shot at taking down in the second game. Purdue is really the team in this bracket that MSU would want to see least, but if MSU makes it that far, there's a good chance Matt Painter will have face planted by then anyway. Just making the field was always the goal this year, so let's see what happens.


Every other coach in the league could have made the tournament with this year's Illinois roster

Every single one

Even Fran and Tim

Thomas Speth

Look, Wisconsin is a flawed team. But at the end of the day if you're going to punish Wisconsin because the B1G isn't good this year so finishing 2nd and going to the championship game doesn't mean anything HOW THE F DOES MINNESOTA GET A 5 SEED?!?!?!?!? I feel bad for Villanova. You get the number 1 overall seed just to likely play a veteran Wisconsin team the first weekend. I won't apologize if you can't cover Ethan Happ though

Graham Filler

Michigan was playing the best ball that it's played all year, they were tremendously fatigued in the second half of the Wisconsin game, but pulled it out somehow. A couple things to think about. First of all the weakness of the big 10 helped them tremendously. A hot eight seed typically doesn't win the Big Ten tournament. Second Michigan started playing defense, real defense, better team defense than they played all year. But it won't matter in the NCAA tournament against quality, top-quality competition.


It's not my fault that Minnesota got a great seeding with a friendly bracket. They could find a way to fuck it up, but that'd just be the polite thing to do

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Also, we have a offical bracket setup on Yahoo. Join it!