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NCAA Tournament Predictions

Who I got. Well, my system, anyway.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Villanova vs North Carolina Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember last year when I did this and the picks were heavily criticized as being without context and I was just a nerd? Well, I remember doing better than most and finishing the highest of anyone that didn’t get the champion right (going into the tourney Villanova was rated #2, and was in the same region as the #1 team, Kansas).

So, anyway, sorry I haven’t had regular articles with my ratings, but I have them now.

The Ratings:

Anyway, you know how this works. I go through the NCAA Tournament Bracket and pick the team that is rated higher in my system and use this bracket in our Pick’em Challenge (sign up, already).

East Region:

I’m so happy I get to pick against Virginia. Dick Bennett should be punished for what he does to basketball. Big contrast in styles in that game, too. Should be fun to watch. SMU is really good, you guys, also Baylor is coached by Scott Drew, be warned. At any rate, Villanova should walk away fairly easily in this region. Also, fuck wisconsin.

West Region:

Yes, the Zags are the #1 overall seed, but this is not an easy region with Arizona as another top 4 team. But ultimately , I have this entire region as chalk. Good job, committee. Though, my system really like Princeton (ranked 36th to Notre Dame’s 25th), not too much of a stretch there. St. Mary’s could also give Arizona a game in the 2nd round, they’re way underseeded.

Midwest Region:

Yes, I know, taking Bill Self to the Final Four is generally a bad decision. Still, They’re a top 5 team in a relatively weak region (Yes, I’ve said that about 2 regions). Another 5/12 upset? Yes, and this is what my numbers say. Still, after the first round, it’s mostly chalk. Though, that Oregon/Louisville game could be really, really fun.

Death South Region:

My goodness there are a lot of good/great teams in this region. Cincinnati and UCLA in the 2nd round? That’s a top 10 matchup! MTSU a 12 seed! Wichita St. a 12?!? Watch for Chaos here. Also, watch for UCLA lose to Kent St., making future Indiana coach, Fuckface Von Douchnozzle, the first coach to lose as 3 seed with 3 different schools. There is going to be chaos here.

Final Four:

This would be a super fun Final Four for people who enjoy entertaining basketball, sorry wisconsin fans.