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Northwestern is still undefeated in the NCAA Tournament.

And I just had a mini-heart attack.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Despite trying their hardest to choke it away, the 'Cats got timely free throw shooting from the unlikeliest of sources, Dererk Pardon, Bryant McIntosh put the squad on his back, and Northwestern survived a Vanderbilt team unafraid to huck it up anywhere, anytime.

Holy shit, you guys. That actually happened.

It was easily 50% NU in the stadium, and that's including with the game prior. I also got interviewed by Teddy Greenstein, which was cool.

What an amazing atmosphere. So many Let's Go 'Cats chants. Chris Collins and the team have made believers out of us all.

I hugged Kevin Blackistone, who was sitting in the nosebleeds for some reason. He's awesome and spent most of the second half pacing back and forth on the empty chairs.

I have more for y'all win or lose on Sunday or Monday. Be back later, about to drink all of Salt Lake City to celebrate.

Northwestern has never lost in the NCAA Tournament.

Roll goddamn 'Cats.