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NCAA Tournament Day Two Open Thread


Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s day two of March Madness! I can only hope that today is as magical as yesterday, but without Minnesota to get clowned by Middle Tennessee I doubt it. Michigan State and Michigan both play though, so that’s something. I would like to congratulate Minnesota on a fine season that included as many NCAA Tournament wins as it did wins over Wisconsin. Richard Pitino should keep those photos of the Selection Committee handy, maybe next time he’ll get his team overseeded enough to double Minnesota’s tournament wins in the last twenty years. Wisconsin advanced primarily because Bronson Koenig doesn’t miss clutch threes in the NCAA Tournament, setting a school record for three pointers made in the NCAA Tournament, which is saying something for a school full of white guys that has thirty-one tournament wins in the last nineteen years. Speaking of one win, congrats to Northwestern on that heart attack win, someone make sure MNWildcat is still breathing this morning. Matt Painter got out of his own way long enough to get a win, something Mark Turgeon was somewhat predictably unable to do. It’s ok Maryland, at least you’re not rutger. I guess go Spartans and Wolverines since you’re not Minnesota or Iowa and you’re on the opposite side of the bracket. Usual thread rules apply, bonus OTE bucks for making fun of the Gophers.