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NCAA Tournament Day Three Open Thread

Watch teams that aren’t Minnesota in the second round here!

Middle Tennessee v Minnesota Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So the dust has cleared a bit and I don’t know about you, but that first round was a little too chalky for my liking.Sure the Gophers predictably effed up but other than that the upsets were few and far between. Rhode Island beat a Creighton team without its best player? Meh. USC beat SMU? Also meh. I can’t remember the last year we didn’t have a low major to root for on day three. Of course, rooting for the Blue Raiders is highly encouraged. Props to Michigan State for murderdeathkilling Miami and Michigan for winning and simultaneously pissing off a lot of gamblers in bad beat city. I love buzzer beater threes that don’t matter except the spread was Michigan -2.5. In Big Ten news, Wisconsin plays Villanova, Northwestern plays Gonzaga, and Purdue plays Iowa State. I guess the one advantage of no high seeds is that you’re playing with house money. If Wisconsin (and the recap I write will be absolutely glorious should it happen) or Northwestern (I imagine MNWildcat’s recap will be glorious should it happen) win that might restore a bit of conference pride, while the tall guys at Purdue get a team notorious for being horrible in the NCAA Tournament. Typical thread rules apply, go Badgers/Blue Raiders!